Desert Field Trip Details

Good evening,

We are going to the Desert tomorrow! Here are a few answers to questions I’ve received regarding our upcoming trip.


  1. Do we pack a normal lunch? Yes! Please bring a snack and a lunch. We will eat a quick snack at 8:00am then we come back to school for lunch.  Students will take water with them to the desert.
  2. What should students wear? Student can wear the UAS PE shirt, and shorts. Please wear socks and closed shoes, like sneakers.
  3. What time do we get students since it is early dismissal? Students will be dismissed at 1:50 . We will dismissal at the normal Tuesday times.
  4. Can I volunteer to be a chaperone for an upcoming trip? Yes! Please send me an email regarding which trip you would like to volunteer.

If you have any other questions please send me an email and I will answer them accordingly!




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