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Tis the season to be Jolly

Good morning!


Happy Last Week of the 2017 school year.

Here is this weeks updates:

  • Monday December 11 –  Winter Break Party
  • Tuesday December 12-  Half Day 2:00pm Dismissal
  • Thursday  December 14- Pajama Day, Santa Visit, 12:00pm Dismissal

Congratulations to Cola for being the first person to complete her Red Short A Vowel Book!  She has moved on to  the Blue Short E Vowel Book. Please continue to practice with your kids their Red Short Vowel books and have them bring it in daily to get tested.

Winter Break Party

I have asked a few moms to donate pizza, donuts, and drinks for our winter break party. The kids do not know they will have it (I am into throwing them surprises for working really hard.)

The background story I will be telling them has to do with the Santa letters we wrote last week:

Last week Wednesday, the kids used pattern writing to send a letter to Santa! We posted the letters in the our class mailbox and off to “Santa” they went! Once they reached the North Pole Santa wrote them back. ” Dear Minions, thank you for the letters! I love receiving letters. Unfortunately, I could not read your writing. Can you rewrite your letters using the attached rubric and send them back to me?” After hearing this, the kids were motivated to rewrite their letters following the rubric “Santa” attached in his letter. 

Now that Santa has received these letters, he is going to meet them personally on Thursday! However he will send a nice surprise to them Monday afternoon for all the hard work they did in rewriting their letters!

I am really proud of the Minions hardwork when it comes to taking feedback and rewriting their work. Writing can be hard at this  age but the practice of editing and comparing first drafts to second and sometimes third drafts is rewarding. I hope that over break you will encourage them to write and see the progress they can make with you! Thank you to the moms who will be donating for the party.

If you are interested in sending along winter treats/gifts for the class feel free to do so! We have 10 girls and 11 boys. .


Warm Regards,




The class had a conversation about Christmas and whether Santa was real or not. I explained to  the minions that some people celebrate Christmas, some don’t, and thats ok. I also explained that just like we can see, touch, and talk about Minions, we see, touch, and talk about Santa. He is as real as the Minions are real.