the living museum reflection

we presented to people how came to us and we had a lot of fun the thing I liked was when I told them how my character and it was made up the person I picked the part I. did not like was when I waited for someone to come to me p.s you don’t have to make a made up person I just made one up

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Energy summit Reflection

First, we picked a book then we researched and wrote notes and source then we made our plans and reflected every day after we went to the grade seven and how to present

Then we made a visual and bibliography then we presented. And then what i did was I told everybody that came to me i told them how it worked what i liked was when people came to me i liked to presented to them what i did not like was when i had to wait.

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life threatening journey

I noticed that a lot of the  kids were slaves and most of them looked very poor

I wonder how they get there job.

if lived like the kids in the videos I Woude save money for food and clothe for me and my family.

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Moral Education reflection

Becuase if you get dirty you can get sick  to stand up for each other so you and they don’t get hurt by protecting them keep calm or ask help  to be safe by not going with them or ignoring them or ask your mom and dad can I go with them run away

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Book group & wrap up

a kid who his name is Gregor and he lives with his family and they live in a small house one day they find a place that is called the underworld and they found the queen and then they find someone else called vikus then they walk to the Castel. favorite part was when they found the underworld I recommend this to 4-7 graders the purpose of this book is go on adventures

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Writing persuasive Opinion pieces

It is something where it is your opinion like lego is the best and people might like something else like ice cream is the best and an Opinion versus fact is something true like kids go to school and the easy part was writing my thesis statement the hard part was when was when we wrote all the evidence. persuasive Opinion writing is kind of different then just Opinion writing because persuasive Opinion writing is trying to tell someone to do it not by force making them like it. but Opinion writing is saying some you like.

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Math unit 4 blog reflection

the hard part was when I had to subtract decimals and add but the easy part was when we measured to the. nearest mm and a decimal is a point between a number like 1.2 or 2.3 I learned how to find a number between 1.3 or 1.4


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Math unit 5 reflection

I learned how to double-digit math and how to measure  and how to estimation  in and out multiplication writing number sentences and then solve them    the hard thing was that double-digit I thought it was impossible but it is not the easy part was adding and I think I need to do some more double-digit math

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I learnd how they put the add and make it.

an advertisment is a tiny add they do to perswad some one

we made a boy girl and midell there was books we put the book and talk why they should got here

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Animal research project

Saif Yousef – Animal Research Project 4AT Feb-March 2018

First i made each level harder when we want to kg2 it was easy

Then we went to grade 2 and goes on to grade 7 it was really hard here are is my work  there are two more down i had no idea what a basking shark was but now i do i what i liked about was the cool facts and the.nothing was hard but finding and seeing cool stuff was interesting. To learn more about animals.First i made each level harder when we want to kg2 it was easy.


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