Feedback-4th grade & cas

1.I like that we had to work with the high school.

2. I learned about stereotypes

3. IT makes me think that anybody can play anything.

4.Stereotypes are kinda like advertisements.

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Advertising:Reality vs advert

1.the food looks so good on the tv but when you get it. it dos not look like the one you see on the tv.

2.they make the toys look like they can fly or they can tak but they cant if you buy them.

3. they make a lot of triks so they can make want to by  it.

1. A good advertising is when the thing is true and funny.






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Advertising: stereotypes ->1 choosing book

The class went to the library  the high school library.

I think we did this because to now next time when we go to the library we be more observant.

I liked that we all  learnde something new

I wonder if we will come next time


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Unit2:Lesson 1-Healthy mind & body

1: I stay healthy  by brushing my teeth &  eating food that is healthy & doing exercise

2:It’s important to learn how to be healthy because so you can not be fat & be strong & not die



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moral education lesson 2: compassion sympathy and empathy

I show compassion by: helping people to not fell bad and cher them up.

I show sympathy by : sharing my felling with my mom or dad

I show empathy by: careing for others

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Moral education1: how do i respect others?

How to respect others: First if a person is coming up to the front door you should open the front door for them: second you be polite and don’t make noise while eating: last but not least be a friendly and not mean


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my favorite book: yoon and the jade bracelet

what type of book It is a realistic fiction book.

I like it because Yoon stands up for her self and when her mother gives Yoon the jade bracelet.

I like the way the author made Yoon a very shy and brave person.

I wish that Yoon had different ways with dealing with other people.

I recommend this book because it will tell you how to stand up for your self and it is funny.

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