Math Assessment Test next week

Students will be having an assessment based on the concepts that have been taught in Math. The concepts cover the division of various forms of numbers: proper and improper fractions, mixed and whole numbers. The focus is on the understanding, interpretation and modelling of the questions rather than just the answers. Students may use the measurement, partitive, ‘baking’ or ‘kit-kat’ interpretations. They will be asked to apply the different methods of dividing we have learned in class: modelling, common denominators, reciprocals. In order to determine the level of their understanding, students will be required to write division story problems correctly matching up to division problems that they are given. They will also be given word problems to solve and provide an explanation for their solution.

Math News

Dear Parents,

I’ve attachedĀ the Math News letter I had sent earlier with the students so you have access to it as well. This informs you about the current unit we’re on and ways to help your child understand the concepts.

HereĀ is a link to an interesting video explaining the methodology behind the way math is taught now versus how it was taught previously.

Have a great weekend!