UOI Unit 5 Living Museum!

In our Unit of Inquiry, for unit 5, we studied about child rights.

I learned that many rights of children are being violated. Children don’t get education, do child labour, don’t get enough food or clean water, they don’t get shelter, etc. . .

As a class, we learned about Malala (who let girls in Pakistan get education), Ruby Bridges (who let both whites and blacks go to the same school), The newspaper boys (The homeless boys who sold newspapers and went on strike), and more . . .

My project that I was assigned was that I had to become a kid or an adult who fights or has no child rights.(either made up or real) We had to memorize all the information because we were only allowed to use picture cards.On the deadline we had a living museum and I was Iqbal Masih, a Christian Pakistani boy who did child labour at the age of four. To find out more about him, go to Wikipedia.

Here were our steps:

  • Pick a kid/adult or make one
  • Research
  • Memorize the information
  • Pick 4-5 pictures that describe the story to put on a 3×5 index card
  • print and cut the pictures
  • Then glue them
  • Create a video of what you will say, before the deadline and send it to your teacher
  • On the daty Living Museum, dress up as that character
  • Present to teachers students and parents
  • HAVE FUN! 🙂

UOI Exhibition to Uptown School

During our time at Uptown School, we visited many exhibitions about “How we Express Ourselves”.

I would like to share a few 3s, 2s, 1

Firstly the 3s.(  Meaning: what I learned)

  • I learned that in gymnastics, the most popular is Artistic. Even I know some!
  • Then I learned that when someone does Indian dancing, they use hand symbols. The symbols represent different meanings.
  • I also learned that people in Afghanistan make Arabic bread by sticking the dough to the sides of the pan!

Next, the 2s. ( Meaning: my questions)

  • How did you think of your topic?
  • If you were to restart, what would you improve?

And Finally, the 1 ( Meaning: what do I not like

  • I did not really learn anything about most of the topics. When I came to a project I did the fun stuff and read their research. No one explained anything. 🙁

We also saw a unique gymnastics dance performance by the gymnastic girls’ exhibition. They did extraordinary moves that I’d be terrible at!

I think I liked this experience 🙂

My Unit 4/ Energy U.O.I Project

I made a U.O.I project about Energy. My topic/ question was What Source of Energy Does China Barely Use? The answer was coal and other fossil fuels. For my project, I made a poster and had many paragraphs. I had a booklet with information too. I also made a cool model with lego. It shows how people act with fossil fuels. I also have a few things to say.

If I were to restart, I would focus more, add more pictures and make a better model.

Next year, I would advise the G4 teachers to give more ideas and a bit more time to his/her students.

I enjoy making my project and my favorite part was building my model. This was because I used lego!

Something that was difficult for me was designing my poster. I managed it with some advice from friends.

There were two surprising things I found out about my project! One was that China was surrounded by a big cloud of smog as big as California and was formed because of coal. Another thing was that coal was originally found in China!

This unit made me realize that China really doesn’t like fossil fuels! In fact they don’t like fossil fuels at all!

Please comment on my post and enjoy this blog 😀

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Sharjah Science Museum

Today I went on a field trip to the Sharjah Science Museum. There I had soooooo much fun! Do you know? I went in a coach instead of a School Bus. In the Sharjah Science Museum, did so many fun things! There where exhibitions and we got to do them! First, we made homemade videos by coloring and then spinning a wheel. I also saw a real (and disgusting) brain. We did building but the best thing was the shadow pic. When it took a picture, the wall behinds made the shadow look real! I spent fifteen minutes in there! Then, we went in a mini cinema and there, everyone with long hair (sort of like me) touched a ball and made our hair go up! It was called a Van Der Graff generator.

We went in a solar room and did experiments like seeing what is hotter in temperature when it is in the sun. Then me and my friends made a lego car and then attached a solar panel which made our car move. Then our class did a race and I won!

I had lots of fun in the Sharjah Science Museum. You should visit this place too!

The Best Game Project!!!

When all my friends (except Areej) went to camp, I went in a special classroom. There, we did no work. We invented our own GAME! I was with Chloe and Carla. We made a game called Bulldog Get Away. First, pick two “Bulldogs”. Then start at a certain point. When the game begins, start running. If a “Bulldog” tags you, lay down and hold the nearest basket / soccer ball. Then, someone kicks or dribbles the ball and score it on something. If it is scored, 20 points for BB and 10 points for SB. Then you get a candy! (YUM). The project was hard work and I did all the drawing. I had a lot of fun doing this project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

IXL and learning multiplication!

For another free homework, I went on IXL to practice my multiplication. I did multiplication because I wanted to do my mixed A multiplication test faster. Our multiplication test is basically a test where it improves our multiplying skills. In this task, I had to multiply big numbers with a single digit number. It was difficult. One of them were:76894 * 9. Hard isn’t it? But I answered almost all the questions correctly.

If you want to do IXL, go to www.IXL.com and click sign up. Then, add a username and password and then you can do things on IXL! (you even get awards!)

Math Unit 3 Reflection

In Math for Unit 3, we learned a lot about multiplication. I learned sooooo many new things. I never knew how to tell what is prime and what is composite. I never knew the meaning of multiples. I also never knew how to get the factors for 8! But when this unit came, I could do the opposite of all of those sentences! To see my learning go to my google doc below!




Reading on Raz-Kids!

For a free homework, I went on Raz-Kids to read online. Raz-Kids is a fun website to read, listen, answer questions, create a robot and rocket and see your reading level! On Raz-Kids, I read a book called Bonk, the Healthy Monster. In that book they said that a new candy shop opened and Bonk the monster loved candy. He went in the shop everyday and got fatter and fatter. When Bonk went to the dentist, he said that the candies weren’t good for him. (obviously). So Bonk ate healthy.

In Raz-Kids, There are many things to do. I think my favorite is the reading part because I get to learn new things. I also like building a robot. My robot is very funny because it has weird colors and body parts on it. I even put a Mustache and a silly hat on mine! 🙂



Writing an Opinion Essay

I practiced writing an opinion essay. An opinion essay is an essay where you persuade others to like, do, or eat something like you. In this essay, you have to have five paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you need an introduction. In the second, evidence. it is same with paragraph no. 3 & 4. In the last one, you need a conclusion. I think opinion essays are fun to write because they don’t take long and you can have so much to write about! I learned that these essays are very useful. Please look at my opinion essay about Karate!


U.O.I Unit 3 Reflection

In my third unit of inquiry, I learned about advertising. Advertising means showing off a product and telling us only the pros (advantages).  I learned that people play tricks on people like us when they advertise.  Also, I learned how they used colors and words to attracts others. In my class we did a project about advertising. My topic was to compare attitude glasses’ ad and my glasses’ (classy) ad. I made an iMovie and you can see it!

iMovie -Advertisement.imovielibrary-1phziup