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For my action homework, (a homework with no subject because we have to do one independently)I watched many brainpop videos. The one I want to focus on is about illegal drugs. I learned that drugs include medicine. There are good and bad drugs. Drugs change the way you feel and act. They can cause a bad relationship with family and friends. When someone  uses a drug, They might do the things that they wouldn’t want to do.

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Karate is Important to Me.

Karate is important to me because of the moves. Whenever I happen to do them, I feel safe and confident. The word karate means empty hand (kara=empty, te=hand) The teacher is called a sensei and the karate school is called a dojo. The students are called karateka. The karate uniform is called a gi. The belts in karate are white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown and black. When an opponent bows to his/her opponent, they say Osu. When a person does karate, they are only allowed to kick,  punch, etc on the chest or stomach. When an opponent bows, it means respect and gratitude. It says “This match will help me learn and grow, and I’ll help you to learn and grow too.”  -Geronimo Stilton, The Karate Mouse book. That is all I know about karate. I love karate and I will never stop doing it.

Unit 2-Math

In October, For our second unit of math, we learned about many different things like column math. That was my favorite part in Unit 2. We had lots of fun learning and also did many activities. As usual, we played our unfair math game and guess what I won? A sticky hand that came all the way from the U.S! But I hope you will enjoy my learning from my google doc. Here is the link.

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Natural Disasters

For our second unit of U.O.I, we learned about natural disasters. It was very interesting to learn about them. We learned about landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and more… We also learned about root and ice wedging and weathering. The one I learned about most was earthquakes. They happen when the earth’s crust slides against each other. There can be many damages or a pencil can just fall from the table. I know that wood and steel are the strongest materials to withstand an earthquake. So I did a project about it with 2 other students who were also interested in earthquakes. We made an innovation for the natural disaster. We said to make almost everything made out of wood and steel but not soft things like pillows. We also said to make clothes made out of steel to put on top of normal ones to be even more safe.

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Math Unit 1-Geometry

In September, for our first unit, we learned about geometry. We did many activities based on our first unit and we played this game called the unfair game. It was to test our learning before math tests. We had lots of fun learning new things. We had many homeworks and all of them were amazing! I hope you will enjoy my definitions for all the vocabulary words I know.

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Reading Response Journal Unit 1 Reflection

For our first unit of Readers Workshop, we learned to read fiction books intensely. We learned about “Stop and Jot” or making notes out of our thinking on post- it notes. By writing down our thoughts and questions as we read, we are better able to remember and understand the stories. We also learned about character traits, authors purposes and theme.

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The Country That Me and My Partner Made…

On our first U.O.I (unit of inquiry) unit, we made a project based on making new countries. Me and my partner Anastasia made a country called Sasia. We had made many services in our country. Mrs.Tillett, (our teacher) was teaching us about government, communities and the citizens.  When me and Anastasia made Sasia, we decided to have a monarchy. The systems we had were schools, safety services, money, etc… We had lots of fun working together and we also made an iMovie but I am sorry that I am not able to show it. You can take a look at our poster at least! When I was learning about all these things, I learned all of the different types of government.


Me and my partner ! 🙂

Spooky Stories are Spooky!

In October, we were making spooky stories. When I started making mine, it was challenging. I thought I’d never finish. But with the help of my amazing teacher, I had finished before the deadline. It was along process too. We first wrote it out. Then our teacher edited them. We got our MacBooks and started typing with a spooky font like nosifer. After that we added a picture to describe our story. When we wrote/typed, we did the scary part slowly. We never did it imediantly. When everyone was finished, we read our spooky stories on Halloween. All of us got terrified with each others’ stories.

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