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Human Heart Feb 13 2018

The human heart pumps blood to the rest of the body to keep us moving and alive.

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Intro To Decimals

I see decimals in the grocery store, calculator, money, tests. Four examples of decimals are : Receipts. Prices Place Value Money

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Feedback – 4th Grade and CAS Stereotypes – Audience -Perceptions Jan 16 2018

I liked when the HS students tried to sort the books. I learned the everyone It makes me think that everyone stereotypes. It would be easier to sell things to kids because they like sugar and candy but if you … Continue reading

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Advertising : Reality vs Advert Jan 15 2018

The difference between real life and adverts are the look, chemicals, ingredients. A good ad is true, long, informative.

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Ad : Stereotype Choosing Books Jan 11 2018

We sorted books in groups. We did this because we didn’t want to judge books any more. I liked when we sorted the books. I wonder why it took so long.

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Moral education Unit 2 : Lesson 1 – Healthy Mind And Body Jan 7 2018

You can stay healthy by playing sports like baseball, softball and swimming. You can also stay healthy by brushing your teeth two times a day and taking a shower 2 times a day one before school and one after.

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Float By : Daniel Miyares Dec 7 2017

The story is about a boy who made a paper boat with his dad then he puts it on a puddle the it floats away down the drain and the boy loses it and goes home gets changed and makes … Continue reading

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Looking At Maps : U.A.E. Dec 6 2017

I know that a map is big, colorful and Helpful. I want to know how a map changes. My suggestion is that my class and a PreK class do a treasure hunt to find candy by creating our own maps. … Continue reading

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Isla Compared To Abuela Dec 5 2017

They both speak Spanish They both fly They both include a grandmother and a grand daughter Isla : They go to a island They see family   Abuela : They go around the city They go to see a zoo

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Grammar Prepositional Phrases And Nouns Dec 5 2017

Today we learned about prepositional phrases here is an example.   A prepositional phrase Ex : Sarah lost her coat at the mall. ________ Coat should be circled and the prepositional phrase here is at.

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