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Float By : Daniel Miyares Dec 7 2017

The story is about a boy who made a paper boat with his dad then he puts it on a puddle the it floats away down the drain and the boy loses it and goes home gets changed and makes … Continue reading

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Looking At Maps : U.A.E. Dec 6 2017

I know that a map is big, colorful and Helpful. I want to know how a map changes. My suggestion is that my class and a PreK class do a treasure hunt to find candy by creating our own maps. … Continue reading

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Isla Compared To Abuela Dec 5 2017

They both speak Spanish They both fly They both include a grandmother and a grand daughter Isla : They go to a island They see family   Abuela : They go around the city They go to see a zoo

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Grammar Prepositional Phrases And Nouns Dec 5 2017

Today we learned about prepositional phrases here is an example.   A prepositional phrase Ex : Sarah lost her coat at the mall. ________ Coat should be circled and the prepositional phrase here is at.

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” What’s My Rule ? ” ( Math ) Dec 5 2017

Today we learned about products and prime numbers and the prime numbers are 2,3,5,7,11,13. Like we learned that a product can only be multiplied by itself and 1.

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My Portfolio Reflection

Writing : My favorite thing about writing was that I got to type my story instead of writing it. Inquiry : My favorite thing of inquiry is when we did where does sand come from? Because we got to rip … Continue reading

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Moral Education Lesson 4 Tolerance Why is it important to understand Tolerance in our world?

It is important to understand tolerance because to treat someone the way you want to be treated and don’t judge people because of what they look like.

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