Human Heart Feb 13 2018

The human heart pumps blood to the rest of the body to keep us moving and alive.

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Intro To Decimals

I see decimals in the grocery store, calculator, money, tests.

Four examples of decimals are :

  • Receipts.
  • Prices
  • Place Value
  • Money

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Feedback – 4th Grade and CAS Stereotypes – Audience -Perceptions Jan 16 2018

I liked when the HS students tried to sort the books.

I learned the everyone

It makes me think that everyone stereotypes.

It would be easier to sell things to kids because they like sugar and candy but if you were trying to sell something an adult it would be harder because every adult likes different things.

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Advertising : Reality vs Advert Jan 15 2018

The difference between real life and adverts are the look, chemicals, ingredients. A good ad is true, long, informative.

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Ad : Stereotype Choosing Books Jan 11 2018

We sorted books in groups. We did this because we didn’t want to judge books any more. I liked when we sorted the books. I wonder why it took so long.

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Moral education Unit 2 : Lesson 1 – Healthy Mind And Body Jan 7 2018

You can stay healthy by playing sports like baseball, softball and swimming.

You can also stay healthy by brushing your teeth two times a day and taking a shower 2 times a day one before school and one after.

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Float By : Daniel Miyares Dec 7 2017

The story is about a boy who made a paper boat with his dad then he puts it on a puddle the it floats away down the drain and the boy loses it and goes home gets changed and makes a new one with his dad but this time it’s a airplane. And I noticed that the sky would change the weather with the boy’s feelings. That when it was raining the paper would change first it was a boat so the paper could work and when it stopped raining it was a airplane so it could work. And this story is related to the movie IT.

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Looking At Maps : U.A.E. Dec 6 2017

I know that a map is big, colorful and Helpful.

I want to know how a map changes.

My suggestion is that my class and a PreK class do a treasure hunt to find candy by creating our own maps.

I’m excited to look at a map because a map is very very detailed and you could easily locate a store.


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Isla Compared To Abuela Dec 5 2017

They both speak Spanish

They both fly

They both include a grandmother and a grand daughter

Isla :

They go to a island

They see family


Abuela :

They go around the city

They go to see a zoo

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Grammar Prepositional Phrases And Nouns Dec 5 2017

Today we learned about prepositional phrases here is an example.


A prepositional phrase

Ex : Sarah lost her coat at the mall.


Coat should be circled and the prepositional phrase here is at.

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