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living museum refletion

we told about our character my character is named rosie she is seven we did this and a lot of people came to my booth we made visuals and it was really fun  

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Energy Summit solar Energy

Energy summit-solar energy My subject was about different ways we use energy.   1.     Research: First I researched the subject on internet and wrote where I got my information from.      Making it: I wrote four parts of information: … Continue reading

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What are stereotypes? when someone says for example when like when a boy says a girl cant play or girls have to stay at home and they have to clean and cook and and a man has to go to … Continue reading

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Animal Research Project

PROJECT BEAR- REFLECTION Presentation to the 3 years old & 7 years OLD When I presented to the 3 years old I read a little from the board and used simple words to explain to them the habitat, hibernation , … Continue reading

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portfolio unit 2 math

My favorite thing that I did in unit two it is fun to do and i really like it 

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Portfolio unit 1 math

My favorite thing we did for unit one is because it is fun and i like doing lines, line segments and rays.It is fun learning about line segments, lines and rays. 

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