Energy Summit solar Energy

Energy summit-solar energy

My subject was about different ways we use energy.

  1.     Research:

First I researched the subject on internet and wrote where I got my information from.

  1.      Making it:

I wrote four parts of information:

  • What different ways we can use solar energy
  • Fun facts about solar energy
  • List of things made with solar energy
  • Bibliography
  • Picture of the sun and a solar panel

I used scissors, glue and colored paper. I wrote the information on the coloured paper and glued it on the board.

  1. Presenting:

I was excited and happy presenting my work.

I was confident and did well in presenting.

People asked me about:

  • How solar panels collect energy from the sun?
  • How can we use solar energy?
  • Why is solar better than electricity?
  1.    What I did well:

I think I did well in presenting. It was not boring and people was listening to me and asking em question about my subject.  

  1. What I will do differently:

What I will do differently is make my board neater and more organised. My handwriting will be better and easier to read.


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