What are stereotypes?

when someone says for example when like when a boy says a girl cant play or girls have to stay at home and they have to clean and cook and and a man has to go to work.

Why is it important to keep yourself, your clothes and your home clean and how do you do this?

so people know you are a clean person and that you are a good person

What are human rights?

its like womans right

Why is it important to look out for yourself and other people?

so you/others do not get bullied
How can we help other people

we can help them in many things like at school

What should we do if we are feeling sad, alone, angry or sick?

we can try to be positive

Why is it important to learn how to help other kids and adults?

so they dont have to many problems

How do we keep ourselves safe from strangers or adults who aren’t our ‘safe’ buddies that our parents said we can trust to go with?

we dont talk to strangers

What should you do to keep yourself safe if a stranger comes to you?


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