Animal Research Project


  • Presentation to the 3 years old & 7 years OLD

When I presented to the 3 years old I read a little from the board and used simple words to explain to them the habitat, hibernation , Ecosystem. The kids were excited and some said they also hibernate and I had to explain the difference  as we , humans don’t sleep for the whole winter season. I was excited presenting to the small kids.

For the 7th graders, I read the whole board because 7 graders can understand the hard vocabulary words. They did not ask any questions and I felt shy presenting to them.I got some feedback from the my buddy (7th grader) she said I should not stare at the board and that I should look at my audience  

  1. What I learned from the project & Why we did it:

It took me a long time to make the project but it was really fun. It was worth it. The most difficult part when I had to read from internet and write in my own words. The most fun part was designing my board and using different colors and sticking post it.


If i had to do this again I would take notes in a more organized way so I understand my notes while i’m presenting them.:3


I think we did this project to learn  how to do projects on our own and to be independent. I also learned how to research in my own and take notes.  


Pictures of the project

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