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Angles There are acute angles: an acute angle is a angle that is smaller than a right angle. There are obtuse angles: an obtuse angle is an angle is an angle that is bigger than a right angle. There are … Continue reading

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my book: the mouse and the motorcycle summery: first a boy goes for vacation and in the hotel they were in there was a mouse the mouses name is ralph the boy has a motorcycle  when the boy leaves for … Continue reading

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persuasive writing reflection

persuasive writing is when you try to convince someone to like or love what you like for example: i like ice cream because it has so many diffrent flavors

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What was hard? double-digit multiplication What was easy? estimation What do you still need to work on? double-digit multiplication i learned:  1. double-digit multiplication 2. Estimation 3. In/out boxes with Multiplication facts 4. Measuring to the nearest 1/8inch 5. Writing … Continue reading

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unit four

What did you learn in Unit 4? i learned about decimals  What was hard? what was easy? hard:decimals easy:nothing What did you learn about decimals? i learned tenths hundredths  thousandths   What is a decimal? a point  Measuring to the nearest … Continue reading

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What are stereotypes? when someone says for example when like when a boy says a girl cant play or girls have to stay at home and they have to clean and cook and and a man has to go to … Continue reading

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i learned that advertisements sponser they try to make you buy something an advertisement is something that sponsers in the library we sorted books if a girl would read it or both or boy.we made advertisement and decorated it

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Animal Research Project

PROJECT BEAR- REFLECTION Presentation to the 3 years old & 7 years OLD When I presented to the 3 years old I read a little from the board and used simple words to explain to them the habitat, hibernation , … Continue reading

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