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intro to decimals

I see decimals in in classroom receipt money time i need to know about decimals because maybe in the store the cashier might not know decimals and the thing you want to buy is 15 but on the

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shark megladon

i searched up megladons because i thought it would be really cool and i saw lots of funney non real pics too

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feedback-4th grade Sophia

I like that we got to work whit big kids I learned that girls and boys can like the same thing it makes me think that it has to do with advertising what it has to do with advertisement :it … Continue reading

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advertising: reality vs advert

the difference between the advert and real life is that sometimes adverts lie they would make look really easy when they just do lots of editing every add has it and the only thing that is getting wasted is your … Continue reading

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why you should try out gymnastics

do you like sports? well if you do then i think you might like this sport. have you ever heard of gymnastics it is a really fun sport it helps you get fit and flexible but you need to stay … Continue reading

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advertising: stereotypes choosing books

we chose books by gender and neutral and also age   we were sorting out books and the reason why I think we did it because that maybe we did this to learn what people would read the thing i … Continue reading

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unit 2 lesson 1 healthy mind & body

i stay healthy by …… being fit doing sports eating good and healthy food  it is important to be healthy because you might get unfit and you can get sick and you can have fun

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