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Moral Education lesson 5 Dec 10

Stereotype: Something many people believe is true but is either not true or only partially (sort of) true. Example: Elementary school kids are too little to learn about war and bad people. Discriminate:Treatment (unfair) of certain people because of age, … Continue reading

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innovator and inovation

Innovator: Steve Jobs, Apple Computer Innovation: iPod. On October 23,2001, Steve Jobs at Apple introduced a way to listen to music. Now we can carry our music with us in a small box called the iPod. Before this inovation according … Continue reading

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G4 language arts ixl

I did G1 to G4 on ixl and on it i did prepositions and here is an example of an prepositional noun Before class I went to the” lost and found” to get my  jacket. The preposition is before

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Float by Daniel Miyares

We read a book called Float and the author only used drawings and i think he did that because he wanted the reader to figure it out by their self what happened first a little boy went out o a … Continue reading

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looking at maps :UAE

i know that a map can tell you where to go but you will need a map of the country you are in

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what makes a bad blog post and good blog post Dec 5

A  good blog post is a blog that has  interesting news and current videos  and images.  It  is readable on iPhones, looks tidy and will have an updated profile. A bad blog post will look messy , will have old … Continue reading

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gramer dec 5

we did a piece of paper of prepositional nowns

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Isla dec 5

we read a book called Isla and it is a  spanish book. it is really nice

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Math work I did Dec 6

we did square numbers, prime numbers, lots of multiplication, product, factor pairs and factors here is a picture of what we did today   a prime number is the answer in multiplication problem a square number is two numbers that … Continue reading

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portfolio unit 2 math

My favorite thing that I did in unit two it is fun to do and i really like it 

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