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reading nonfiction

A nonfiction book is a book that  tells you lots of real facts about the matter or subject  you are reading about.The difference between a fiction and a nonfiction book is that a nonfiction book tells you facts about it … Continue reading

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I chose to advertise Burj Khalifa because it is really a popular  destination. It is the tallest building in the world and  it overlooks a dancing fountain. You can also indulge in tasting great cuisine in one of the restaurants … Continue reading

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science research group

I am in is the tornado group. My group members are Ziad , Mayed , Rhea, Ali and Hashem. A tornado is often a funnel cloud-a rotating column of-air that stretches from a storm to the ground it can touch … Continue reading

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Math unit 2

I learned how to graph and  to  add and subtract big numbers and measurements.  I still need help with adding big numbers  to avoid mistakes. 

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Moral education lesson two November 19 2017

sympathy means sharing peoples sadnes empathy means putting ourself in someone elsese  shoes compassion means that you should sit with them if they are sad

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moral education lesson one November 8 2017

i respect … i respect others by being kind and say please and thank you i respect myself  by taking care of my things and other people things i am respected by others by , they say please and thank … Continue reading

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A favorite book Tiger Rising

I like the way the way the author made the sky change the characters change their feelings  i wonder why he wanted it to be continued and i wish the author did not let the tiger die

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