living museum refletion

we told about our character my character is named rosie she is seven we did this and a lot of people came to my booth we made visuals and it was really fun


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I would like to show my parents about my gramer that i have done in class


here are some pics

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Malala reflection

we went on brain pop and we searched malala

her rights are to go to school and have an eduction

mean people came to  her country

the goverment is responsible for this



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Energy Summit solar Energy

Energy summit-solar energy

My subject was about different ways we use energy.

  1.     Research:

First I researched the subject on internet and wrote where I got my information from.

  1.      Making it:

I wrote four parts of information:

  • What different ways we can use solar energy
  • Fun facts about solar energy
  • List of things made with solar energy
  • Bibliography
  • Picture of the sun and a solar panel

I used scissors, glue and colored paper. I wrote the information on the coloured paper and glued it on the board.

  1. Presenting:

I was excited and happy presenting my work.

I was confident and did well in presenting.

People asked me about:

  • How solar panels collect energy from the sun?
  • How can we use solar energy?
  • Why is solar better than electricity?
  1.    What I did well:

I think I did well in presenting. It was not boring and people was listening to me and asking em question about my subject.  

  1. What I will do differently:

What I will do differently is make my board neater and more organised. My handwriting will be better and easier to read.


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  1. There are acute angles: an acute angle is a angle that is smaller than a right angle.
  2. There are obtuse angles: an obtuse angle is an angle is an angle that is bigger than a right angle.
  3. There are right angles :a right angle is an angle that is in between a acute angle and a obtuse angle which is called 90% degrees angle .
  4. Any point in an angle is called a vertex.
  5. Angle is latin for corner.

Right Angle                 Obtuse Angle         Acute angle 

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my book: the mouse and the motorcycle

summery: first a boy goes for vacation and in the hotel they were in there was a mouse the mouses name is ralph the boy has a motorcycle  when the boy leaves for dinner the mouse trys to ride the motorcycle he is not carful so he falls in the trash then the boy takes him out.

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persuasive writing reflection

persuasive writing is when you try to convince someone to like or love what you like

for example:

i like ice cream because it has so many diffrent flavors

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What was hard?

double-digit multiplication
What was easy?
What do you still need to work on?
double-digit multiplication
i learned: 
1. double-digit multiplication
2. Estimation
3. In/out boxes with Multiplication facts
4. Measuring to the nearest 1/8inch
5. Writing number sentences and solving them 
6. Number stories with multiplication, comparisons and multiple steps
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unit four

What did you learn in Unit 4?

i learned about decimals 
What was hard? what was easy?

hard:decimals easy:nothing
What did you learn about decimals?

i learned tenths hundredths  thousandths  
What is a decimal?

a point 
Measuring to the nearest cm or mm, can you do it?

NO not really 

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What are stereotypes?

when someone says for example when like when a boy says a girl cant play or girls have to stay at home and they have to clean and cook and and a man has to go to work.

Why is it important to keep yourself, your clothes and your home clean and how do you do this?

so people know you are a clean person and that you are a good person

What are human rights?

its like womans right

Why is it important to look out for yourself and other people?

so you/others do not get bullied
How can we help other people

we can help them in many things like at school

What should we do if we are feeling sad, alone, angry or sick?

we can try to be positive

Why is it important to learn how to help other kids and adults?

so they dont have to many problems

How do we keep ourselves safe from strangers or adults who aren’t our ‘safe’ buddies that our parents said we can trust to go with?

we dont talk to strangers

What should you do to keep yourself safe if a stranger comes to you?


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