shark megladon

Image result for megalodon real pici searched up megladons because i thought it would be really cool and i saw lots of funney non real pics too

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feedback-4th grade Sophia

I like that we got to work whit big kids

I learned that girls and boys can like the same thing

it makes me think that it has to do with advertising

what it has to do with advertisement :it has to do with advertisement because maybe we are advertisement for books and like lots things we did


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advertising: reality vs advert

the difference between the advert and real life is that sometimes adverts lie they would make look really easy when they just do lots of editing every add has it and the only thing that is getting wasted is your money

a good advert has great video a nice and clear voice like IMG it has a nice and clear voice and it shows lots of things

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why you should try out gymnastics

do you like sports? well if you do then i think you might like this sport. have you ever heard of gymnastics it is a really fun sport it helps you get fit and flexible but you need to stay healthy and you should at least do it twice a week but if you are not that interested in in gymnastics or sports the you should at least do it once a week

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advertising: stereotypes choosing books

we chose books by gender and neutral and also age


we were sorting out books and the reason why I think we did it because that maybe we did this to learn what people would read

the thing i did not like is nothing and the thing i did like is everything

i wonder why our teachers organized this for all of the students

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unit 2 lesson 1 healthy mind & body

i stay healthy by ……

  • being fit
  • doing sports
  • eating good and healthy food Related imageImage result for healthy food it is important to be healthy because you might get unfit and you can get sick and you can have fun
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Moral Education lesson 5 Dec 10

Stereotype: Something many people believe is true but is either not 
true or only partially (sort of) true.
Example: Elementary school kids are too little to learn about war 
and bad people.
Discriminate:Treatment (unfair) of certain people because  of age,
gender, nationality and how they look

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innovator and inovation

Innovator: Steve Jobs, Apple Computer

Innovation: iPod.

On October 23,2001, Steve Jobs at Apple introduced a way to listen to music. Now we can carry our music with us in a small box called the iPod. Before this inovation according to my Dad, we had our music in CD and tapes. These only had 10-15 songs on it. But the iPod was able to have 1000 songs! Thats a lot of music. Plus it also has nice headphones.

This inovation by Steve Jobs changed the world as to how people listen to music.

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G4 language arts ixl

I did G1 to G4 on ixl and on it i did prepositions and here is an example of an prepositional noun

Before class I went to the” lost and found” to get my  jacket.

The preposition is before

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Float by Daniel Miyares

We read a book called Float and the author only used drawings and i think he did that because he wanted the reader to figure it out by their self

what happened first

  1. a little boy went out o a rainy day with a paper boat Image result for float the book
  2. then it started to drift away he ran after it
  3. then it fell in the sewer
  4. then he found all  ripped
  5. he went home with it
  6. then he dried up the next day he made a paper airplane and went out on a sunny day
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