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Personal Project Reflection

June 18, 2018 Today I started my project. I am feeling confident about my topic.  I feel that I made the right choice about teaching a class.  I am looking forward to watching how the students are like in the … Continue reading

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June 2018 Personal Project

JUNE 2018 PERSONAL PROJECT   My ideas are:  Writing a Persuasive Essay.  Learn another language.  Teach a class something.  Learn all about Ancient Egypt.  Work on some science projects.  Create a recipe book for people. My final decision is that … Continue reading

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Children’s Rights and Resposibiities

This month in U.O.I, we were learning all about children rights and responsibilities. A right is something that a person should have.  For example: Everyone should have the right to have a family. / In your case: Everyone should have … Continue reading

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UOI Reflection

What is Energy? Are these words just stuck in your mind?  If they are, you are lucky you are reading this, because you will learn what energy is, and if you already know what energy is, you will probably learn … Continue reading

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Learning About Decimals

Last month in math, we were learning all about decimals! Decimals are numbers with a point to separate it from its fraction. When there is a fraction after the decimal point, the numbers keep going on and on. After the decimal … Continue reading

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I love U.A.E!

Are you bored of staying in the same place for a long time? Well,the U.A.E is a place made just for you. I love the U.A.E because there are so many yummy traditional foods, it is a nature dream, and … Continue reading

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My UOI Work

I have so much amazing UOI work on advertising. But my personal favourite is my advertisement for people to come to Starbucks.  I like it the most, not because it was the last one, because it is perfect to my targeted … Continue reading

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Maths Unit 3

Do you know what prime and composite numbers are?  Well neither did I until I started unit 3. This unit my classmates and I were learning what prime and composite numbers are. What are prime numbers?            … Continue reading

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‘A U.A.S Experience’ – U.O.I Project

“Looking for a school in Dubai?, well ‘X’ marks the spot for you. Come to U.A.S where the future of learning never ends!” Hello, my name is Sumaya, and I will be sharing with you my presentation I worked on … Continue reading

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The Wright Brothers – The Story

Today I am going to be talking about the Wright brothers. I will be telling you all about how the Wright Brothers have changed our world by explaining and putting in some photos of what they invented by teamwork. First … Continue reading

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