This week in class, my classmates and I learned about advertising. Sometimes you would hear that people were sponsored from other people to do something, and you might be wondering what that means. It means they pay others to make people want to come to a place or maybe to buy something.

These are some examples of adverts:

Ketchup advert:

In this ad people are trying to make you try it out, people might think that it is unhealthy but out of just creativity it could attract parents to buy it after seeing an extremely healthy product. I think it is and amazing ad.


In this ad people are trying to attract kids by showing them the deliciousness inside the piece of chocolate.

One ad thatI didn’t really think would encourage people to eat there was this KFC ad:

I didn’t think it was that good because it does not really show a lot of details and I don’t think people would get attracted from just chicken in a bowl.

I was surprised that if you go on google and search up ad’s there are way more 19’s ad’s than new ad’s. I have 2 more questions that were not answered:

  1. How do people come up with logos?
  2. Do their logos have a meaning?

Comment down bellow what you learned or what you want me to improve on next time. Thanks.

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3 Responses to Advertising

  1. ueljaoussi2026 says:

    That was very interesting

  2. akashani2026 says:

    I like your post but I found a mistake when you said the sentence “One ad thatI didn’t really think would encourage people to eat there was this KFC ad:” I realized that you wrote by accident “thatI” and that is a mistake I found out.

    • sjaouni2026 says:

      Thanks Aiya, now I can go back and edit, that shows me that you were reading what I wrote very carefully, I couldn’t even spot that tiny mistake after editing.(:

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