My Favorite U.O.I Piece of Work

Here are tons of categories I learned at U.O.I. I had so much fun! I bet you would say that once you hear about what i learned.


  • “History and Present of the U.A.E / United Arab Emirates.”
  • “All About Mountains.”
  • “All About Landslides.”
  • “All About Volcanoes.”
  • “All About Canyons.”
  • “Where we are in Place and Time.”
  • “Erosion.”


My Favorite out of all categories was when we learned about, “History and Present of the U.A.E / United Arab Emirates.” The reason why, was because I put a lot of effort in it, an I learned lots of things from it. Such as,

  • The U.A.E was created my 2/Two men.
  • The first car that entered the U.A.E was a “Range Rover”.
  • Ras Al Khaimah was the last city in the U.A.E. / It came 1/One month later.
  • The most famous sheikhs were , Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid.
  • The poor people use to sell dates for money.

Here is the piece of work that I worked on:

Hope you learned asomething from my work!

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