The Art Experience


I hope you are having a fun day. Well you can’t imagine the experience I’m having right now! My day has gotten better and better as soon as I heard of “ART.” Some of you out there are probably wondering what Art is. I bet that you will be rushing to your kitchen grabbing the Art supplies after I tell you what it is.

Art is basically anything you can imagine. Potteries, Canvases, Paper, Lights, everything AROUND you is Art! It is hard to imagine, but it really is. All colors ,devices, anything you can think of is Art! Even scribbles!! Now, that does not mean you can just garb a paper then draw scribbles and throw it in the trash can. No, no, no. Now thats what I call a waste of paper. If you really do want to have fun with Art, then go ahead, but you need to try your best.

Here is an example of “FUN” in Art.

Now go ahead, try it! It will be the best time of your life!

Thank you,

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One Response to The Art Experience

  1. smackenziedavy says:

    I can feel your passion come through in this post! I do feel that it’s missing something at the end, it seems to end very suddenly. Maybe you could have told us about the image you put in – why did you choose it, what do you like about it?
    On a writing note, for this sentence:
    Potteries, Canvases, Paper, Lights, everything AROUND you is Art!
    ONLY the P for the start of the sentence has a capital letter – not Paper, not Art etc.
    You can have AROUND in caps – because you are emphasizing that word. Otherwise good editing.

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