Math Reflection

3 things I have learned in math this trimester are:

  • Polygons:

– Polygons are shapes with straight lines, it has at least 3 sides, and it can not intersect.

  • Expanded Form:

An expanded form is when you spit up numbers into (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands,hundred thousands, millions. For example my number is: 5,800,741, I would write this down if I was told to turn it into expanded form. (5,000,000 + 800,000 + 700 + 40 + 1.

  • Quadrilaterals:

Quadrilaterals are shapes that have straight lines and (4 SIDES ONLY!)

2 feelings I have about math are:

– “Curious”, because I want to know what I got wrong to improve on it.

– “Risk Taker” because I want to learn new things in math.

Pieces of work I worked hard on are:







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