What are Innovators and Innovations

Do you know what Innovations and innovators are?  Well, I’ll teach you exactly what your looking for.  Yesterday in U.O.I we were learning all about Innovators and Innovations we would have to make an Innovation prototype. Me and my buddy created a “Key Holder”.

The supplies I used were:

  • Colored Straws
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Toothpick
  • Styrofoam Plate
  • Paper Plate
  • Paper Cup
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  1. Take a Styrofoam plate and cut a fourth of it.
  2. Make a few holes that are lines out of the toothpicks.
  3. Cut a tiny piece of straw and tape it to the plate on top of each line whole.
  4. Use a toothpick to attach the paper plate to the paper cup. (If the key’s fall, they will fall in the cup.

What are Innovators?

Innovators are people who give more ideas to make an invention better. For Example: Imagine you were in the 18th Century and you invented a mobile. Somebody else would be the innovator by, maybe …….thinking of making it wireless. The inventor would use the idea and try to make new things.

What are Innovations?

Innovations are people who invent new things/creations. But they are not just people who create things, they are geniuses. Without inventors, electricity, electronics, beds, desks, planes, buildings, houses, and even MORE…. would not be invented!

Hope you learned from this post,

Thank You for reading!

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