How do I respect others?

Respecting others:

  • I say ‘please & thank you’.
  • I open the door for them.
  • I congratulate them when they accomplished something.
  • I make good choices.
  • I show them my best behavior. 

All that ends up to one thing:

‘Treat people the way you want to be treated’.

If you want people to take care of you and be polite to you, you need to do it to them so they understand and know that you truly care for them.Finally they would treat you how you would like to be treated.

(But DON’T forget:)

If you treat them badly such as bullying them, lying to them, not caring for them.It would happen back to you.

So its so important to make good choices!


Here are some photos about people showing respect:

Giving someone a hand.

Opening a car door for someone.

Carrying the things that the other person cant carry.(Full hands)

*These are my tips for showing respect.

Thank you for reading,


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