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Math Reflection

3 things I have learned in math this trimester are: Polygons: – Polygons are shapes with straight lines, it has at least 3 sides, and it can not intersect. Expanded Form: An expanded form is when you spit up numbers … Continue reading

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What are Innovators and Innovations

Do you know what Innovations and innovators are?  Well, I’ll teach you exactly what your looking for.  Yesterday in U.O.I we were learning all about Innovators and Innovations we would have to make an Innovation prototype. Me and my buddy … Continue reading

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My Reading Reflection

Here is my LINK to my “Reading Reflection.”

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How do I respect others?

Respecting others: I say ‘please & thank you’. I open the door for them. I congratulate them when they accomplished something. I make good choices. I show them my best behavior.  All that ends up to one thing: ‘Treat people the … Continue reading

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