Learning About Decimals

Last month in math, we were learning all about decimals!

Decimals are numbers with a point to separate it from its fraction. When there is a fraction after the decimal point, the numbers keep going on and on. After the decimal point it starts off as. tenTHS, hundredTHS, thousandTHS, and so on.  For Example: 32.45 .  The value of the four stands for 4 tenTHS.(Or 0.4.) And the 5 stands for 5 hundredTHS.(Or 0.05)  Decimals are used in money, measurements, and also in your daily life.   

My friends and I have worked together to create a poster that is, ‘All About Decimals.’:

Before we learned about decimals, I thought they were just all about money. But now that I look back to what I thought earlier, decimals are more that just money. They are really important.

But I am still wondering if there are more decimals we use in life like, money measurements and , more.  Comment any questions you want to know about.





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I love U.A.E!

Are you bored of staying in the same place for a long time? Well,the U.A.E is a place made just for you. I love the U.A.E because there are so many yummy traditional foods, it is a nature dream, and lastly there are so many entertaining places to visit.  So, are you already persuaded to go to the U.A.E? I don’t think so. That is why you should keep reading to find out more.

The first reason I love the U.A.E is because there are so many traditional foods to eat and drink.  Just like, Arabic Coffee, Luqaimat, and Dates. All of these treats are so delicious. I bet, as soon as you pick at least one of them off your plate, you will never regret leaving a single piece.  One day, at my school, there was a fun fair.  The people working at the fair, let us have a taste test of treats called, Luqaimat and Dates.  They fed the teachers the same thing, except they also gave them some Arabic Coffee.  We all seemed to enjoy the treats. I was so impressed on how good the treat tasted, that I couldn’t wait to get back home and ask my mom to buy me the treats from a market.

The second reason why I love the U.A.E is because it is a nature dream!  Just like the places called, Jebel Hafeet, (any) Desert, and The Dubai Safari. One day when I went to a desert with my friends and family, we had so much fun because we started climbing up hills, we competed in a race on who could get to the top first, and we were looking at different animals there. After a while we had a seat on a mattress that is made for the sand. We started eating some traditional foods, then went for a walk to explore the different animals in the desert.  My friend, brother and I found some camels that were camouflaging which made them pretty hard to see. We also saw, red ants, scorpions, and the creepy crawly lizards, which we ran away from.  After about 4 hours of the fun, sadly we had to go home.  As I am saying this, I have experienced so much, that I cannot wait to go next time!

The last reason why I love the U.A.E so much is because there are so many entertaining places to visit.  Just like, Burj Khalifa (Dubai), Yas Waterworld (Abu Dhabi), and obviously the 7 Emirates which are, Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, and Fujairah. In 2017, I went with my friend to Ras Al Khaimah, we went to a hotel called Hilton Doubletree.  There were water slides, restaurants, and so many kind people.  We even met girls our age named Savannah who was (9), and Talulla who was (6). We went to a kids club together and we went to a big pool, then played underwater hide and seek. Soon we got a slushy for FREE! Now, our trip was just a 3-4 day trip.  So on the last day, we said bye to each other to go back home.

Again, I love the U.A.E so much because it has so much delicious traditional foods, it is a nature dream, and there are so many entertaining places to visit.  I bet you would be ready to pack up your bags to get yourself up in the air on your way to the U.A.E . Come to the U.A.E, and when you arrive you will never regret taking a step out of it.  


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My UOI Work

I have so much amazing UOI work on advertising. But my personal favourite is my advertisement for people to come to Starbucks. 

I like it the most, not because it was the last one, because it is perfect to my targeted audience.  The audience I made it for is, adults.  I showed that by adding in some dull and dark colours just like, olive green, blue, orange, black, peach, brown, gray, and lastly bronze and dark purple. 

It is also showing that it is for adults because it has a lot of writing, and only one photo which was the logo. So I am not sure kids would be attracted.  Then I put in a menu incase the adults get interested, and a ‘more info’ box on the bottom left corner of the page.

If I had more time I would fill up the spaces because now it just looks like it is unfinished.

I am sorry, but the slogan ‘A better treat makes a better day’, is really blurry.  Anyways, I have a task for you to do.  Do, you have any improvements?, or favorite parts?  Well, comment all about it down bellow.

-Thank you.

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Maths Unit 3

Do you know what prime and composite numbers are?  Well neither did I until I started unit 3. This unit my classmates and I were learning what prime and composite numbers are.

What are prime numbers?                                                                                              Prime numbers are numbers that have no more than 2 factors, one and itself.  (Did You Know: Prime numbers are most likely to be odd!!) Here are some examples of prime numbers: 23, 5, 11, and 73.

What are composite numbers?                                                                                               Composite numbers are numbers that have more than to factors. But they don’t have to have a specific amount of factors. These are some composite numbers:12, 35,and  72.  (Did You Know: Again, Composite numbers are most likely to be even!!)

Here is a photo of a poster that me and my 2 friends  Aiya and Aleena made about math:



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‘A U.A.S Experience’ – U.O.I Project

“Looking for a school in Dubai?, well ‘X’ marks the spot for you. Come to U.A.S where the future of learning never ends!”

Hello, my name is Sumaya, and I will be sharing with you my presentation I worked on in class with my friends, Aleena, Naveen, and Amirah.  Aleena and I were creating a banner to persuade children to come to U.A.S – Elementary. But Naveen and Amirah were cooperating together to make a banner for TEENS to come to High School in U.A.S. 

I think my group did pretty well because we were focussed on our topic, we had at least 4-5 things to share with others, and lastly…. we were creative on how we could design the poster so we could attract all people. 

When we started looking at other people’s projects once we were sharing, me and my group started talking about how we could improve by not having too much writing, and just a couple more pictures. 

When we were sharing our project we felt really proud of ourselves because we were able to answer every single question somebody asked us.

At the end of the day, I felt really proud of my group and I because in just 3/three days we created a banner with so much info and photos. Here is a photo of our banners.

 I am really sorry, but one of our teammates named Naveen was absent, which means she could not show up for the project.

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The Wright Brothers – The Story

Today I am going to be talking about the Wright brothers. I will be telling you all about how the Wright Brothers have changed our world by explaining and putting in some photos of what they invented by teamwork.

First of all, I’m sure you are really confused on what I’m talking about. So here is where it all began:

In 1871 Orville Wright and his older brother Wilber Write, one day decided to invent the first ever plane! Everyone was so surprised of how it turned out. Here is a photo of the brothers plane:

Of course it is not as good as the planes we have now, but it was the best plane back in the day. They even got a RECORD!!!


Years and years past by, sadly , Wilber Wright died in 1912, and younger brother Orville survived until 1948!

But here we are, we followed their path and made it to this. We try harder and harder until you reach your final goal! Thank the Wright Brothers, without them, we can’t even fly from one place to another! imagine you being stuck in one place your whole life!!!! Terrifying right?

In this post, the lesson was  for you to keep in mind,’ If they can do it, you can do it!’

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This week in class, my classmates and I learned about advertising. Sometimes you would hear that people were sponsored from other people to do something, and you might be wondering what that means. It means they pay others to make people want to come to a place or maybe to buy something.

These are some examples of adverts:

Ketchup advert:

In this ad people are trying to make you try it out, people might think that it is unhealthy but out of just creativity it could attract parents to buy it after seeing an extremely healthy product. I think it is and amazing ad.



In this ad people are trying to attract kids by showing them the deliciousness inside the piece of chocolate.


One ad thatI didn’t really think would encourage people to eat there was this KFC ad:

I didn’t think it was that good because it does not really show a lot of details and I don’t think people would get attracted from just chicken in a bowl.


I was surprised that if you go on google and search up ad’s there are way more 19’s ad’s than new ad’s. I have 2 more questions that were not answered:

  1. How do people come up with logos?
  2. Do their logos have a meaning?

Comment down bellow what you learned or what you want me to improve on next time. Thanks.

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My Favorite U.O.I Piece of Work

Here are tons of categories I learned at U.O.I. I had so much fun! I bet you would say that once you hear about what i learned.


  • “History and Present of the U.A.E / United Arab Emirates.”
  • “All About Mountains.”
  • “All About Landslides.”
  • “All About Volcanoes.”
  • “All About Canyons.”
  • “Where we are in Place and Time.”
  • “Erosion.”


My Favorite out of all categories was when we learned about, “History and Present of the U.A.E / United Arab Emirates.” The reason why, was because I put a lot of effort in it, an I learned lots of things from it. Such as,

  • The U.A.E was created my 2/Two men.
  • The first car that entered the U.A.E was a “Range Rover”.
  • Ras Al Khaimah was the last city in the U.A.E. / It came 1/One month later.
  • The most famous sheikhs were , Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid.
  • The poor people use to sell dates for money.

Here is the piece of work that I worked on:

Hope you learned asomething from my work!

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The People of Determination

Have you ever wondered what “People of Determination means”?

Well, I’ve got your back, because today you will learn all about it .Basically it is when people were born without legs, hands, or some type of disease. Now it doesn’t always happen when you were born, you can also lose it now.

Just because these types of people are not humans! If you think they are not humans, your basically saying that when you are sick, you are not a true human. These are two people that had this type of disease:







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The Art Experience


I hope you are having a fun day. Well you can’t imagine the experience I’m having right now! My day has gotten better and better as soon as I heard of “ART.” Some of you out there are probably wondering what Art is. I bet that you will be rushing to your kitchen grabbing the Art supplies after I tell you what it is.

Art is basically anything you can imagine. Potteries, Canvases, Paper, Lights, everything AROUND you is Art! It is hard to imagine, but it really is. All colors ,devices, anything you can think of is Art! Even scribbles!! Now, that does not mean you can just garb a paper then draw scribbles and throw it in the trash can. No, no, no. Now thats what I call a waste of paper. If you really do want to have fun with Art, then go ahead, but you need to try your best.

Here is an example of “FUN” in Art.


Now go ahead, try it! It will be the best time of your life!

Thank you,

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