Rights and violations

  1. boms hapent and no school
  2. here dad and class mates where on here side
  3. here rights are to help children get a edacation.
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Energy Summit Reflection

March 22 2018


Energy summit reflection what I did in it is that i did a lot of research and lots of printing and practice then I checked if I did all the steps then the next day it was time to put my project together then the next day it was time to present then I explained what was my project about.


I learned that why trees are important and I experimented one plant in a closet and one next to the sun.It was easy to put the project together and it was hard to research when I presented I was a little shy .

By Salan Fakhreddin.

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Writing Persuasive Opion pieces

  1. A opion writing is when you convince some wone to do enything.
  2. It is difrent from other writings beacuse you are not writing a leter or a story you are triying to convince some wone to do eneything.
  3. I did about animals about food about a sport.
  4. It was hared to do a reflection about it.
  5. I persudide people by making it sound exited.
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Moral Edacation

  1. it is important to look at your self and other people beacuse you need to know if you or others do something wrong
  2. Stereotypes are a girl likes something and a boy likes something for example girls like barbie and boys like car\
  3. We should help other people beacuse they deserve to know the rite
  4. What we should do if we get frustrated is do something you like or think positive.
  5. It is important to help kids or adults to solve there problems and help them make write choses.
  6. we are safe when we are beside our safe side adults or security.
  7. If a stranger comes to you loke evreything up and talk to the police.
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Math Unite Reflection 5 March 21 2018

  1. I learned how to estimate
  2. It was hared at first to estimate
  3. It was easy to now what number it was close.
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Math Unite Reflection 4

  1. I learned how to estimate
  2. It was hard in the binging to do decimals
  3. It was easy to know where to put the decimal
  4. I learned that the decimals have to be lined up
  5. I can measur cm and mm inch
  6. I can add and subtract with decimals
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Homework; Essay

In the beginning of the year I thought Gr 4 was going to be difficult but then I started learning new things like how to be responsible. Another thing I learned is multiplication and division. We also learned factors and decimals and prime and composite numbers. Our teacher is teaching us how to be  respectful to each other and work together as team work.

I hope that I learn everything I need to get me to grade five.

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Homework ; Vocabulary words

  1. Illegal
  2. Replacement
  3. Rearrange
  4. Performance
  5. Irresponsible
  6. Misunderstand
  7. dishonest

One day a new nurse joined the hospital. She was new and did not know the rules. so one day she smoked in the cafeteria .  Her boss told her  that smoking in a hospital is Illegal and Irresponsible and they had to find a replacement for her. The nurse was dishonest and the hospital will rearrange the team of nurses to get new honest nurses who don’t misunderstand the rules and do a good performance.


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Homework ; Story summary

Valentine Cat

The story is about a cat wondering why valentine is mostly  for mothers. One day a friend suggested that valentine can be for friends, family, and everyone you love.

One day the cat found a dog barking and he thought the dog was making fun of him . The dog was sad because he thought that cat did not want to play with him then cat went to him and told him we can become friends  so cat made a card for dog and brought him a bone.

In return dog made cat a card and they became friends ever since.

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Feedback 4th grade CAS Salan Fakhreddin 4AT

I liked how they where kind to help us with the pictures and writing.

I learned that many people like the same things but mabey not

This makes me think that Stereotypes is important

beacuse we discust how we make the advertisements the pictures beter

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