School’s Out for Summer…nearly!

Firstly – WHAT A GREAT YEAR!!!!  We had such fun, and honestly, this was one of the best classes I’ve had for innovative ideas, personal responsibility, tech knowledge, teamwork and creativity.  I’d like to thank all the kids, and their parents, for making it such an easy (and fun) year for me.  You all deserve a lovely relaxing break (as do I!! LOL).  


I know some parents like to have a few ideas up their sleeve for summer ‘work’.  But I’m not the kind of teacher to give work to people on holiday – well, I don’t suppose you’d want work on your vacation, and I wouldn’t either!  LOL.  So I have tried to cover different areas, maths, science etc with interesting and practical ideas, that have a purpose and kids will love to do.  If you really want ‘worksheets’ (boo!), then any bookshop has books of them (look for year 5, if they don’t have grade 4 books), or simply google!


Learning is EVERYWHERE…even when you’re on holiday and it CAN be FUN!!!!  E.g.

  • use a map to plot a route to see the sites of a city
  • find a recipe online and bake yummy cookies or make a healthy fruit smoothie
  • make a timetable of a day’s activities
  • organise what to take on holiday, that will fit into one suitcase – and have your child pack it!

I urge you to watch this short video about letting your kids be ‘bored’!  Don’t rush in to give activities, or organise camps all the time.  It’s important that they figure out themselves how to fill time, even if that means sitting for a while and doing nothing.  In the end, you will be surprised at what they will find to do.

Don’t fill those ‘boredom moments’ with more screen time!  Today we made hats out of a newspaper!


Let your kids be creative.  Have fun.  Have kids show their personality through artwork, writing, movie making, invention designing etc.  How about they design a T-shirt and then get it made in one of the malls?


If they/you are looking for more ideas that gets them away from Minecraft or gaming, then check below.

  1.  READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, READ…is what the G4 and 5 teachers are mostly requesting! Ms Lesley would love to see photos of reading all around the world on her instagram page!  Or post on Twitter for a chance to win a prize!   #uasreads.  A list of 100 books for 9-11 years olds is given HERE


  2. The kids have an account on to follow the lessons provided to learn about computer coding.  They can also do tasks without making an account, or they/you can make an account if they forget their school password.


3. If your child loves writing, work on a piece to enter the Emirates Festival of Literature competition.  There are 2 competitions that would be relevant for those under 11 years old.  Taaleem Award (poetry) and The Oxford University Press Story Competition.  Both are based on the idea of memories.  If your child likes to play with words, or is a budding author – why not enter.


4. Another writing idea is to continue with the blog.  There is a list of all the class blogs HERE so they can read each others.  If you wish, your child can share their blog with a friend or relative, who will then be able to comment.


5. Why not look at the DIY App again that we used in class and at home this year,  or the website version HERE.


6. Some maths sheets and websites are HERE.  But I would propose more interesting activities such as

  • plan a trip to somewhere using the internet and a given budget
  • plan how to get ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ using googlemaps.
  • or take a look at, it’s a website run by Cambridge University in the UK, and has some interesting & fun activities, some of which are online.  (You’ll want to try things under Upper Primary or Level 2.)


7.  Science lovers could try some practical activities from Science Kids.  Take a video and put it on the blog!


Finally – PLEASE watch this video…it’s super cute about a young boy in the US spent his summer making something he loved using cardboard boxes – not a device in sight!  It’s a true story!   Could your child be the next Caine?

Ramadan Kareem!  And Eid Mubarak for next week.

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