Uptown Exhibition


I have learned that in 1901 a airplane could ony fly for 3 seconds. I have ven learned that in 1903 a airplane could fly for 59 seconds. In 1905 an airplane could stay in the sky for 38 minutes and 3 seconds.

Something I did not like is when the time finshes the airplane falls down, and that you could die if the airplane fallsdown and crashes. Is that you can not travel on a air plane in the olden days because it stays in the sky for such a little amount of time.



U.O.I unit 3 reflection

I learned to make advertisements by comparing the differences between the color and logo but I didn’t add that.My recommendation is Pepsi because it is more sweet than coke. Its your choice what you like more all I’m doing istelling you a recommendation. So have you made your choice about which drink is better. If you want to know more about the advertisement just press on the blue link down below.

Image result for advert comparing coke to pepsi






Advertisement about snickers

I like this advertisement because it has good quality picture, kind of funny, the adds spelling attracted me, it made me look at it more than once, it gets you straight to the point, and I like the color because it goes with the color of the chocolate. Most importantly, it features the company info and face book logo. There for, I conceder it a powerful advertisement.

My own country—Chocolita

For our first unit of U.O.I Me and my partner Jonathan made our own country. Me and Jonathan country is named Chocolita. Its about systems we think is good to add to the country. So you should try and make the same thing we did in class.If you read it thank you and leave a comment please.