Unit 3 math reflection

I want to introduce you to my unit three math, which is factors, multiplies, prime, and composite. Composite is when you could divide, multiply, add or subtract the number more than one way. Prime is when you multiply the number by one and itself, for example, 5×1 is the only way you could make five. Multiples are when you skip counting the number. Factors are when you line up the numbers and put the numbers all the inthe right order. It needs to make the right answer. This is my google doc for more information.



U.O.I unit 3 reflection

I learned to make advertisements by comparing the differences between the color and logo but I didn’t add that.My recommendation is Pepsi because it is more sweet than coke. Its your choice what you like more all I’m doing istelling you a recommendation. So have you made your choice about which drink is better. If you want to know more about the advertisement just press on the blue link down below.

Image result for advert comparing coke to pepsi