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Bill Nye the Science Guy: Energy

In  the video i learned that energy is all around us, we use wind energy ( Wind mills ) and water energy and also solar power ( Solar panels ) ext. There are a lot of ways to convert energy … Continue reading

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Dogs are the Best!!!

Dogs are the best because they are active, they are also playful and they are super cute and cuddly!!!   One reason dogs are the best is because they are active for example: They play fetch run around and always … Continue reading

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Science museum

In the science museum we had 3 science experiments, One we had 4 cups, 2 were black cups, 2  were see through cups as well. 1 of the black ones were covered with plastic rap, same as 1 of the … Continue reading

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Ancient Egypt with CAS Students

I liked how the CAS student’s ( 7th grade ) were thinking of easy things like boardgames, books, and even both! For the people who made a board game, they kinda made us listen to do the board game and … Continue reading

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Roller Coaster and Energy

In the first experiment there were 3 tests and each one failed. In the 2nd experiment they failed as well and in the last one it was a win. The experiment is to show that its hard going up anything … Continue reading

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The Human Heart.

In this book i learned that a heart is a muscle that pumps blood through little tubes called ” Blood vessels ” ( Fun Fact ) when your exercising the heart pumps faster in order to produce a lot of … Continue reading

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Decimals I see decimals at restaurants, stores, time/watches 4 Examples of decimals are: If I buy something and its not exactly 15 dirham and its 15.30 dirham. Another one could be if i am timing something and the timer says … Continue reading

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Feedback – 4th grade and CAS Rhea Grace Mehra 4AT

Rhea Grace Mehra – 4at In the little show-up I liked the fact that both of us ( hs( high school) and es( elementry students ) got to learn from each other. I learned that a stereotype is a thing … Continue reading

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Advertising: Reality vs Advert

some adverts get our hopes up on a new toy or a movie but sometimes there are some tricks like how a toy functions or the quality like shown in this video Buy Me That: Helping Kids Understand Toy Ads … Continue reading

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Unit 2 lesson 1

Unit 2 lesson 1: development  of a sound mind and bode to achieve success. it was about how to be healthy physically and mentally.  How I do is I wash my hands  (Physically) and a mentally one is working out … Continue reading

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