Malala: Brain-pop Reflection

Malala is a  girl who was fighting for all the girl’s rights to go to school because where she lived ( Afghanistan ) was being taken over by a lot of people known as Taliban’s, the violation in the story was that all the Taliban’s created rules that all of the people cannot watch television, listen to the radio and girl’s could not go to school either, she thought it was her right to fight because she is a girl who is going through this and 1 had to do it so it was her, she was lucky tho because her dad and all her supporters were by her side and always loved the bravery she pulled because  Malala wrote on a blog with a secret identity so no one would know. Then she was really sad about that because the Taliban’s started bombing the place and she had to live with relatives in the countryside so did millions of people. Then when she was I the countryside she had met a man who inspired her to write about her life, the Taliban’s started hunting her down to kill her and injured her so she was in a coma for a couple weeks. Then after that lots of people started to hear about it and countries let her medical pays be free then after that, she was a normal ( Going to school ) girl with straight A’s ever since.

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