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Book ( The Indian in the Cupboard ) by Lynne Reid Banks

This book is illustrated  by Brock Cole about a boy called Omri and it is his birthday, for it he got a cupboard which was actually magic! It made all the plastic figures he put inside real! He put a … Continue reading

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Unit 5 math

I learned how to 1. double-digit multiplication 2. Estimation 3. In/out boxes with Multiplication facts 4. Measuring to the nearest 1/8inch 5. Writing number sentences and solving them 6. Number stories with multiplication, comparisons and multiple steps 1 that was easy … Continue reading

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Moral education.

We learned lots of things with moral education! Like stereotyping, stereotyping is what we thin is true but might not be like, your a girl so you cannot play football of something.  Its important to keep ourselves fit and healthy because … Continue reading

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Unit 4 Math.

I liked how we learned how to add, subtract decimals and to use then to write numbers because there are lots of numbers where its not a whole and we are going to use it the rest of our life, … Continue reading

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Energy summit!

The energy summit was something the whole grade did, it was of a topic ( Mine was desalination and energy ) And researched some questions they had before the big project. I liked it because it was basically a mini … Continue reading

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Animal research.

My animal was ” Dolphin ” I presented to the the pre-k’s, grade 2 and 7th graders! To do this I made 3 different projects, it effected how they learn because 1 was easy with a 1 page book and … Continue reading

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