Advertising: Reality vs Advert

some adverts get our hopes up on a new toy or a movie but sometimes there are some tricks like how a toy functions or the quality like shown in this video

Buy Me That: Helping Kids Understand Toy Ads
YouTube video   ‪3 minutes‬

the toy advert says how good it is and only tells us abut whet it can do but the kids are having some trouble with it. There are 2 catches in the video it says it can go in water but nope it sinks, and also it dies in 10 minutes so its a waste.

some food adverts also get our hopes up with 6 techniques like shown in this video.

Advertising & Marketing Techniques Aimed at Children
YouTube video   ‪8 minutes‬

all the products lie about it being healthy and team up with other companies to promote both instead of 1 in one advert.

a good advert doesn’t lie about the product and draws attention and makes the kid or buyer want to buy the product. They also make the advert fun to watch.

so don’t be tricked by one!!!!!!

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