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Decimals I see decimals at restaurants, stores, time/watches 4 Examples of decimals are: If I buy something and its not exactly 15 dirham and its 15.30 dirham. Another one could be if i am timing something and the timer says … Continue reading

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Feedback – 4th grade and CAS Rhea Grace Mehra 4AT

Rhea Grace Mehra – 4at In the little show-up I liked the fact that both of us ( hs( high school) and es( elementry students ) got to learn from each other. I learned that a stereotype is a thing … Continue reading

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Advertising: Reality vs Advert

some adverts get our hopes up on a new toy or a movie but sometimes there are some tricks like how a toy functions or the quality like shown in this video Buy Me That: Helping Kids Understand Toy Ads … Continue reading

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Unit 2 lesson 1

Unit 2 lesson 1: development  of a sound mind and bode to achieve success. it was about how to be healthy physically and mentally.  How I do is I wash my hands  (Physically) and a mentally one is working out … Continue reading

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