Float Discerption, Book Without Words!

In the book Float there is a little boy who was playing with a paper boat outside, his dad made for him. Then it started raining a lot, and the boat got washed out into a puddle. So he chased the boat but it kept going until it reached the road. Since the road was slippery the boat crossed the road and then it reached a lake. The boy was chasing it before it reached the end but it did and the end was a drain. So it went down and the boy went to the sewer disposal and walked around. But when he found it, it was all warn out and was a normal paper. He looked at it and then he went home got dressed and slept. In the morning tho his dad and him made a paper airplane and he played.

I think the author made the decision of no words so we could also cone up with story to it and make a multiple story out of 1.

I liked it because it had a base story but also had a way for us to make one up as said in the sentence above.

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