Moral Education: Lesson 2 November 28 2017

Morral Education: Lesson 2

Compassion, sympathy and empathy. sympathy is  when you feel feel bad for someone .

Empathy is when you feel what others are feeling . Quote Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  Compassion is feeling bad for someone else’s hardship/something that happened.

its about a boy and a father who are poor and homeless. He used to have a shelter but when his wife gave birth to a boy the shelter owners said “You have to leave” because children were not aloud. He has been fighting with the shelter owner to let him in but they always said no because of the boy. They have been hungry and thirsty all this time but the problem was it was becoming cold. And they had no choice. The son was often cold and the father was desperately trying to keep him warm. Then in a few short years he became involved in big money deals and in meeting important people.

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