Moral Education: Lesson 5

we were learning about stereotypes

Stereotype:  Something many people believe is true but either is not true of partially ( sort of ) true.

i think the reason we were learning this is so that we do not believe a stereotype in the future because some of them are reasonable but some of them are pretty offensive if we believe one of them.

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Unit 2

about a week or 2 ago we finished math unit 2.

In the unit I learned the secret to subtraction and a little bit of division/multiplication

what I found challenging was when they asked to write a math problem which the answer is 24 without using 2 and the 4 key. Also when the just asked to write a problem with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

I want to keep working on multiplication so I can perfect it for next year.

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Tornado Reaserch

My science group was for tornadoes.


A tornado is a rapidly rotating column of air that meets the surface of earth, tornados normally form in thunderstorms. A tornado forms by having moist air from golf Mexico and cold air from Canada to meet creating a tornado.


In America there is a area called tornado alley, its a alley where tornadoes normally happen, the states in tornado alley is Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, western Ohio ext.


We have some tornado alarms so we can evacuate as the tornado happens, we also have basements and secret flaps to protective areas and we have some extra protective walls to stop a lot of distraction.

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Float Discerption, Book Without Words!

In the book Float there is a little boy who was playing with a paper boat outside, his dad made for him. Then it started raining a lot, and the boat got washed out into a puddle. So he chased the boat but it kept going until it reached the road. Since the road was slippery the boat crossed the road and then it reached a lake. The boy was chasing it before it reached the end but it did and the end was a drain. So it went down and the boy went to the sewer disposal and walked around. But when he found it, it was all warn out and was a normal paper. He looked at it and then he went home got dressed and slept. In the morning tho his dad and him made a paper airplane and he played.

I think the author made the decision of no words so we could also cone up with story to it and make a multiple story out of 1.

I liked it because it had a base story but also had a way for us to make one up as said in the sentence above.

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Looking at Maps: U.A.E

The things I know about maps are that travelers all over the world use them to see where a particular places are, also that people used it more often before then now because now we have other gadgets that do that for us like i phones with google maps and other things like that.

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Advertisement on, November 30th 2017

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Grammar prepositional Phrases

a prepositional is a group of words that begins with a preposition and modifies a noun.

We did a sheet to circle the noun that is being modified, and to underline the remaining sentence and copy print the preposition the on the back we were given the following proposition words before, during, about, through, among, above, into, in, between, for, within and toward and we had to put these prepositions into sentence. so when I did one which was, Layla got food BEFORE going to the train.

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Math Beginning of Unit 3

On December 5 we started our new unit/unit 3! We first learned what a square number is, a square number in a number multiplied by itself  for example 6*6=36, all the green squared boxes in the photo are the square numbers. A product is a sum or answer to a multiplication problem. And a pair factor is 2 numbers that make a number for example  2,3 are products of 6 so is 1,6. a Prime number is a number with exactly 2 different numbers factors itself and 1. We also did “Whats the Rule” where we got a problem like the rule is +20 and you have 30 then you add 20 to make 50, the problem is 30+20=50.

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Portfolio Cursive


I am most proud of my Cursive words, I thought that I already knew all the letters but no. Then I realized the new way and I use it time to time!

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Portfolio Reading

I am mostly proud of my comparison between the talking eggs, Babayaga and  Mufao. It is a close comparison because all of them have the same moral/theme.

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