Brain-pop: Kinetic Energy

kinetic energy is running to electricity, kinetic energy and potential energy are the types of moving/motion energy. Potential energy stores energy depending upon its  position and condition. If something is big and has mass there is a strong chance that  it has more kinetic energy then a smaller thing or person even if the smaller one is moving as fast as it can.

A cool thing is that kinetic energy can transfer if it collides with another object for example if there are bowling pins and to collide when the bowling ball hits  ( ball to pin to pin )

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Bill Nye the Science Guy: Energy

In  the video i learned that energy is all around us, we use wind energy ( Wind mills ) and water energy and also solar power ( Solar panels ) ext. There are a lot of ways to convert energy into electricity, A important part of it is a fossil fuels, specifically  oil.

I liked how there were some experiments to try too!




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Dogs are the Best!!!

Dogs are the best because they are active, they are also playful and they are super cute and cuddly!!!


One reason dogs are the best is because they are active for example: They play fetch run around and always love walks!


Another reason dogs are the best is because they are playful for example:  they always interact with us and they love it when we play with them back!


Although I love dogs because they are active and playful, I especially love dogs because they are cute and cuddly! For example: the nose, eyes and tail are always really cute and attract lots of attention which is sometimes a good thing!


Dogs are the best because they are active, they are also playful and they are super cute and cuddly!!!


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Science museum

In the science museum we had 3 science experiments, One we had 4 cups, 2 were black cups, 2  were see through cups as well. 1 of the black ones were covered with plastic rap, same as 1 of the see through ones and we put the temperature which was room temperature. And then we let the out to the sun and the temperature changed a lot.

Then we used solar panels to light up a mini house, light up lights and they made a mini car move!

Then after all the experiments  we went into a room with illusions and tricks and stuff like that! Then we went into a room with a machine where there is a pole and ball with a stick then the ball and stick made a shock in between and made peoples hair go up!

It was super fun!!!!!

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Ancient Egypt with CAS Students

I liked how the CAS student’s ( 7th grade ) were thinking of easy things like boardgames, books, and even both! For the people who made a board game, they kinda made us listen to do the board game and for the people who made a book, they normally put a quiz at the end.

I wish next time, they would make it more interesting, even when they make a really fun board game because, the learning process is quite boring.

I learned that they were the first people to discover astronomies and to make medicine they also did the first surgery and used black ink too!    They had special days and 10 days a week, 365 days per year ( Like Us ) and they also had 5 days at the end of the year which was a scary week. ( I Liked That Day a lot)


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Roller Coaster and Energy

In the first experiment there were 3 tests and each one failed. In the 2nd experiment they failed as well and in the last one it was a win.

The experiment is to show that its hard going up anything but easy coming down. The energy I think is called ” Hight or Speed energy.


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The Human Heart.

In this book i learned that a heart is a muscle that pumps blood through little tubes called ” Blood vessels ” ( Fun Fact ) when your exercising the heart pumps faster in order to produce a lot of oxygen.


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I see decimals at restaurants, stores, time/watches

4 Examples of decimals are: If I buy something and its not exactly 15 dirham and its 15.30 dirham. Another one could be if i am timing something and the timer says it was 13.45 seconds. Another one could be a bill and its not exactly 15 dirham, or a calculator.

I need to learn about decimals so I can time right, correct the amount of money I give, and for school, a job and more!!!!!

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Feedback – 4th grade and CAS Rhea Grace Mehra 4AT

Rhea Grace Mehra – 4at

In the little show-up I liked the fact that both of us ( hs( high school) and es( elementry students ) got to learn from each other.

I learned that a stereotype is a thing that a lot people believe ex. Like pink is for girls and that blue is for boys

It made me think about all the things girls do that most guys don’t do and what the guys do and most girls don’t do, also that every book is a neutral not girl of boy

I think this has to do with advertisements is the fact that the products we advertise should be neutral so everyone will buy it and not only the girls of only the boys.

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Advertising: Reality vs Advert

some adverts get our hopes up on a new toy or a movie but sometimes there are some tricks like how a toy functions or the quality like shown in this video

Buy Me That: Helping Kids Understand Toy Ads
YouTube video   ‪3 minutes‬

the toy advert says how good it is and only tells us abut whet it can do but the kids are having some trouble with it. There are 2 catches in the video it says it can go in water but nope it sinks, and also it dies in 10 minutes so its a waste.

some food adverts also get our hopes up with 6 techniques like shown in this video.

Advertising & Marketing Techniques Aimed at Children
YouTube video   ‪8 minutes‬

all the products lie about it being healthy and team up with other companies to promote both instead of 1 in one advert.

a good advert doesn’t lie about the product and draws attention and makes the kid or buyer want to buy the product. They also make the advert fun to watch.

so don’t be tricked by one!!!!!!

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