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Our unit of inquiry is “where we are in place in time ” our central idea was “The World Changes due to Natural Processes & Human Innovation.” We learned that Why is there sand on the beach? Will a mountain … Continue reading

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Writing Reflection

Writing is one of my favorite subjects because I can write a story in an open world nothing can stop writing because writing is another world. I want to share the story that I made is a realistic fiction story … Continue reading

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My Reading Reflection

Hi, Readers Today click here to go to the place where my reflection is. Hope you enjoy.

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

Hi Readers Today I am doing my Trimester 1 Math Reflection hope you enjoy. 3 things I have learned in math this trimester are: 1.I learned that polygons are a shape that has 3 or more sides and that polygons … Continue reading

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