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Hello readers,                                                                              … Continue reading

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Our unit of inquiry is “where we are in place in time ” our central idea was “The World Changes due to Natural Processes & Human Innovation.” We learned that Why is there sand on the beach? Will a mountain … Continue reading

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People of Determination

Do/did you Have a difficulty in your life like being deaf or temporary sprain ankle or have problems with your brain. If you don’t know who has these problems or how to help people with it let me tell you now. This is” … Continue reading

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Hi readers, I am Raza and when I was eight I did not learn to swim did not even learn to float on water. but at 2017 July that is when I learned to swim. Swimming was my weakness but my … Continue reading

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Writing Reflection

Writing is one of my favorite subjects because I can write a story in an open world nothing can stop writing because writing is another world. I want to share the story that I made is a realistic fiction story … Continue reading

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Innovations of Innovators

Hello readers, Have you tried to make things out of tape, popsicle sticks, plastic bag and 2 cups?          Now let me tell you now! We got two ideas, one is mine the infinite air supply by … Continue reading

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My Reading Reflection

Hi, Readers Today click here to go to the place where my reflection is. Hope you enjoy.

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

Hi Readers Today I am doing my Trimester 1 Math Reflection hope you enjoy. 3 things I have learned in math this trimester are: 1.I learned that polygons are a shape that has 3 or more sides and that polygons … Continue reading

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How do I respect others?

Hi Readers Today we are doing How do I respect others? Hope you enjoy. I show respect myself By being tidy and clean Being on time Being balanced By respecting others I respect others By respecting elders and youths being … Continue reading

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Hi my name is Raza and welcome to my blog

*welcome to my blog*

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