Hello readers,                                                                                                                                     This week we have learned about advertising. Ads are all around us and I learned ads can never be stopped. Ads is a promotion to a product like an ad to hand soaps. Ads have been here for hundreds of years. Ads attract certain people like kids or adults.

I was surprised at how many forms an advert have and that anything can be an ad if you look. I only thought ads only have three forms.

  • Video
  • magazine
  • poster ad

But now I know there is a lot of different types of ads. like:

  • Radio
  • banner
  • video
  • poster
  • magazine
  • blog
  • billboard

And many more ads.

I think ads are important because they attract certain people and ads have funny things in it or sad things and ads you can do what you want, maybe you do ads for practice for fun ads have many important things. I think ads are important because they give reasons why to buy and it is entertaining, like toy ads they are funny and silly. Ads have goods and bad.

I want to share this ad because it is really funny.

Original video

I choose this advertisement because it attracts me and it is really funny, I also love the song it has a great pull to the ad I love the dog’s movements. It is good for adults because of the product and it is good for the kids because it has a funny animal and a funny song.

I like ads because for kid ads there is always a cartoon character and for adult ads, they have shopping or amusement parks, ads have no limits.


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