My Best Advertisement

Hello readers,

Today is the last day of UOI. Which as you know I love UOI. UOI is the best because you learn things that actually happen in real life, Like erosion, volcanos, canyons, and ads.   But today I am showing my best UOI project of the unit advertising and it is called gaming world.

Gaming World is the company my partners and I made with my partner’s computer, Abdulla. Abdulla had all our progress on his computer so at the beginning of the day he did not show up but halfway through the first period, he came in. And I want to share this topic because we thought we put enough work, enough detail, and enough hard work. So back to the topic, I and my partners had made a video and ads but here are the ads:

Part one click HERE

Part two click HERE

I really love the ads I hope you do and let’s continue. And one reason why I chose this as my presentation is that it taught me a lot of things and I mean a lot like cooperation, fairness, respect, leadership, making ads, and many more. This project also was fun and enjoyable. I wished we put sound in the ad and make the ad more description and put more time in the ad and work and effort. I also wished to improve is to put the information on my computer so I can edit and put more time and effort into the ad for our UOI project. I loved making the ads, making the pictures and making progress.

I love the unit and project because this was the last project and before we were really bad at making ads, and now we can make ads as it is our homework. We can make ads like it is nothing. We can make ads like it is a walk in a park. And in the past, we made ads that are bad with too many words, too much description, and too many pictures. But now we can make ads that are good for the only certain type of people, enough description, and great main idea.

In the project, I had shown the attitude integrity because I let my partner work and put it on my partner’s computer and I tell what I believe and I let everyone have a chance. I loved this project. It is the last and very last project I will do with ads.

Math Unit 3

Hello readers,

In math unit 3 was the most funnest and best unit every. In math unit 3 we learned about primes, composite,  open numbers sentences in division and multiplication, and algebra. The reason why I love math unit 3 is because there are things I did not learn before, so I always love a challenge. I always love something over level and something that is new for me, like algebra or prime and composite.

I enjoyed the unit 3 math lessons because they put me in the level that challenges me and gives me time to think and lets me try things I never did before. I found out that algebra is not that hard, it is just some letter to show a number like 20+50 =h . The algebra letters has to stand for something like r for rain. I found it difficult to do the primes because I have to find a number with only 2 factors 1 and itself like 11 is a prime because it has two factors 1 and itself 11.

In unit 3 math I learned about prime, composite , algebra , open number sentences in division and multiplication and even improved my multiplication. But I can always learn more and soon I will be at my best.

Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Project

Hello readers,                                                                                                                                             On Thursday me and my partners Karl and Abdulla presented our U.O.I project which was our own company called “Gaming World.”. We chose games because I and my partners know and love games so we wanted something in common with us and since we all know about games we can all make a good slogan and a logo for the company and all of the other ideas where bad like origami, but origami is bad because we needed to make the origami first which the origami will be crumbled and then the store will be just paper which will not be fun.So all of us got to work on something, I worked on editing the ad. Abdulla’s job is in practice and movie. And Karl’s job was to work on if everything makes sense and the logo.

Our logo is a world with headphones, we put the world with headphones to make it look like it is gaming. Karl was the one with the idea for this to be our logo but this picture is not ours.


Our slogan is “Play Like Never Before” it is Play like never before because we have different games so you can now play like never before.



I and my partners have come with a great slogan, logo, and a company. So if I was going to choose a group for UOI I would choose my partners now.


Hello readers,                                                                                                                                     This week we have learned about advertising. Ads are all around us and I learned ads can never be stopped. Ads is a promotion to a product like an ad to hand soaps. Ads have been here for hundreds of years. Ads attract certain people like kids or adults.

I was surprised at how many forms an advert have and that anything can be an ad if you look. I only thought ads only have three forms.

  • Video
  • magazine
  • poster ad

But now I know there is a lot of different types of ads. like:

  • Radio
  • banner
  • video
  • poster
  • magazine
  • blog
  • billboard

And many more ads.

I think ads are important because they attract certain people and ads have funny things in it or sad things and ads you can do what you want, maybe you do ads for practice for fun ads have many important things. I think ads are important because they give reasons why to buy and it is entertaining, like toy ads they are funny and silly. Ads have goods and bad.

I want to share this ad because it is really funny.

Original video

I choose this advertisement because it attracts me and it is really funny, I also love the song it has a great pull to the ad I love the dog’s movements. It is good for adults because of the product and it is good for the kids because it has a funny animal and a funny song.

I like ads because for kid ads there is always a cartoon character and for adult ads, they have shopping or amusement parks, ads have no limits.