People of Determination

Do/did you Have a difficulty in your life like being deaf or temporary sprain ankle or have problems with your brain. If you don’t know who has these problems or how to help people with it let me tell you now. This is” The People of Determination”

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Well, this is people with determination like Ludwig Van Beethoven, Taha Hussein and many more. People may not be deaf at the begging but something in their life made them deaf.

Like Beethoven he wasn’t deaf at the begging he was fully capable of hearing till music made him deaf but then he was a famous composer even if he was deaf. And even if you don’t know the people you see but there are deaf or blind or even disabled, do anything in your power to help them.



Many people have a disability in fact 15% of the world have a disability in numbers 1 billion people have a disability.( ) So I think that disability is really common. And we can help if someone is walking the wrong way and are blind we can get them to the right path and even if they are not disabled, it does not mean you can’t help them.

I fell really bad for the people that have difficulty in their life so I am grateful that I am not disabled. So if you are not disabled be grateful that you are not.


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