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I am Raza and when I was eight I did not learn to swim did not even learn to float on water. but at 2017 July that is when I learned to swim.

Swimming was my weakness but my parents used thousands of dirhams just to make me swim and thanks to that now I can swim. But it took a while it took 5 days for me to swim but took more to perfect it

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My goal was at least 25 meters under 1 minute. On the first day I just learned to float I never actually did not learn to swim on day 1. And on day 2 I practice my breath so I can hold longer then I can usually can. And soon on day 3 I finally learned to swim with my first stroke freestyle. And on day 4 I just perfected it. and on Day 5 I finally reached my goal 25 meters in 56 seconds.





Swimming is now my favorite sport now and each day I improve now my freestyle is 26 seconds and I also learned: backstroke, breath stroke, and dolphin.

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Swimming can give you strength and make you taller. And what inspired me was the best swimmer Michael Phelps gives me an idea to become an Olympic swimmer. And till this day I am still practicing my swimming.

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