Writing Reflection

Writing is one of my favorite subjects because I can write a story in an open world nothing can stop writing because writing is another world.

I want to share the story that I made is a realistic fiction story here is the link so click HERE.  This is my favorite sentence of the story.

“Paul was hiding like a shell the bullies was kicking Paul like a ball.” I like this sentence because it shows the character trait in one line. And this is the editing.

This story is about a person getting bullied and being a bullier. The reason I put this story instead of the others is that I learned when I write realistic fiction there are limits in the other fiction you can write anything you want.

I learned that when you write a book you can write anything you want if it has a great structure it has a plot with a different idea then other books. And I learned when you write there are always limits to writing.

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