Innovations of Innovators

Hello readers,
Have you tried to make things out of tape, popsicle sticks, plastic bag and 2 cups?          Now let me tell you now!

We got two ideas, one is mine the infinite air supply by two straws, and my partner’s idea was a cup reuser. But me and my partner scraped that idea and made the idea                 The Rattle Pattle

and here’s how to make it.

1.We used the two cups first,  so we put the cups next to each other.

2.Then we put the popsicle sticks in the two cups.

3.then we put on top of each other and taped it together.

4. Then we put the cups in the plastic bag.

5. Last but not least we tape the bag so that the cup does not fall and the cup does not get wet.

Wait, I did not tell you what an innovation and innovator is. Well, an innovation is an object like the plane but the old plane is different. So an Innovation is an object that makes the old idea to a better one. And an innovator is a person who makes the innovation.

Me and my partner’s Idea was supposed to be a game and an instrument. It is a game so you should try to not let it stop it rattling. And an instrument because it sounds like the rattle. This is what we made.

I am on the right.

Can you tell me what is the difference between an innovator and an inventor?

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

Hi Readers Today I am doing my

Trimester 1 Math Reflection

hope you enjoy.

3 things I have learned in math this trimester are:

1.I learned that polygons are a shape that has 3 or more sides and that polygons have to have straight lines and have to all connect to each other lines.


2.Graphs. I learned the graph titles for the y-axis and the x-axis. I also learned that graphs are a difference of others.


  1. I learned Perpendicular lines, and perpendicular lines are lines that make 90º angles

Image result for perpendicular

2 feelings I have about math are:


  1. I love math because I get to learn things that I did not know, and I love math because there is always a challenge in math.

  2.I feel bored if I have no challenges and I have to learn what I already know.


1 piece of work that I think shows something I worked hard at is:

1.Addition and subtraction, because I want to show my family that I can pass an obstacle and that I can show I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

Where I got it from


How do I respect others?

Hi Readers Today we are doing

How do I respect others?

Hope you enjoy.

I show respect myself

  • By being tidy and clean
  • Being on time
  • Being balanced
  • By respecting others

I respect others

  • By respecting elders and youths
  • being kind and polite to others
  • Treat everyone the same (equal)