Hello readers,                                                                                                                                     This week we have learned about advertising. Ads are all around us and I learned ads can never be stopped. Ads is a promotion to a product like an ad to hand soaps. Ads have been here for hundreds of years. Ads attract certain people like kids or adults.

I was surprised at how many forms an advert have and that anything can be an ad if you look. I only thought ads only have three forms.

  • Video
  • magazine
  • poster ad

But now I know there is a lot of different types of ads. like:

  • Radio
  • banner
  • video
  • poster
  • magazine
  • blog
  • billboard

And many more ads.

I think ads are important because they attract certain people and ads have funny things in it or sad things and ads you can do what you want, maybe you do ads for practice for fun ads have many important things. I think ads are important because they give reasons why to buy and it is entertaining, like toy ads they are funny and silly. Ads have goods and bad.

I want to share this ad because it is really funny.

Original video

I choose this advertisement because it attracts me and it is really funny, I also love the song it has a great pull to the ad I love the dog’s movements. It is good for adults because of the product and it is good for the kids because it has a funny animal and a funny song.

I like ads because for kid ads there is always a cartoon character and for adult ads, they have shopping or amusement parks, ads have no limits.


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Our unit of inquiry is “where we are in place in time ” our central idea was “The World Changes due to Natural Processes & Human Innovation.” We learned that

  • Why is there sand on the beach?
  • Will a mountain last forever?
  • Can a volcano pop up in our backyard?
  • What is strong enough to make a canyon?

But this is the work I want to show is on the side.

The photo is a paper that has my natural disaster work and click HERE to go to the slide I made for a tsunami. By the way, the pictures are there, but not information here are some facts about tsunamis

Image result for tsunami


  1. A tsunami can rise to 300 meters high and more.
  2. Tsunami raises the sea level around 6 meters higher.
  3. Tsunamis are made from earthquake then sound waves make high waves and then when it hits land it bounce up to create a big wave.

I chose this work because I got a lot of information and this project made my brain expand with more information. I also chose this work because my brain just loves real facts about the world and what makes things happen.

So since I told you something how about you search any natural disaster and comment down below what natural disaster it is and tell facts about it.



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People of Determination

Do/did you Have a difficulty in your life like being deaf or temporary sprain ankle or have problems with your brain. If you don’t know who has these problems or how to help people with it let me tell you now. This is” The People of Determination”

Image result for Ludwig Van Beethoven

Well, this is people with determination like Ludwig Van Beethoven, Taha Hussein and many more. People may not be deaf at the begging but something in their life made them deaf.

Like Beethoven he wasn’t deaf at the begging he was fully capable of hearing till music made him deaf but then he was a famous composer even if he was deaf. And even if you don’t know the people you see but there are deaf or blind or even disabled, do anything in your power to help them.



Many people have a disability in fact 15% of the world have a disability in numbers 1 billion people have a disability.( ) So I think that disability is really common. And we can help if someone is walking the wrong way and are blind we can get them to the right path and even if they are not disabled, it does not mean you can’t help them.

I fell really bad for the people that have difficulty in their life so I am grateful that I am not disabled. So if you are not disabled be grateful that you are not.


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Hi readers,

I am Raza and when I was eight I did not learn to swim did not even learn to float on water. but at 2017 July that is when I learned to swim.

Swimming was my weakness but my parents used thousands of dirhams just to make me swim and thanks to that now I can swim. But it took a while it took 5 days for me to swim but took more to perfect it

Image result for swimming logo

My goal was at least 25 meters under 1 minute. On the first day I just learned to float I never actually did not learn to swim on day 1. And on day 2 I practice my breath so I can hold longer then I can usually can. And soon on day 3 I finally learned to swim with my first stroke freestyle. And on day 4 I just perfected it. and on Day 5 I finally reached my goal 25 meters in 56 seconds.





Swimming is now my favorite sport now and each day I improve now my freestyle is 26 seconds and I also learned: backstroke, breath stroke, and dolphin.

Image result for all swimming strokes

Swimming can give you strength and make you taller. And what inspired me was the best swimmer Michael Phelps gives me an idea to become an Olympic swimmer. And till this day I am still practicing my swimming.

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Writing Reflection

Writing is one of my favorite subjects because I can write a story in an open world nothing can stop writing because writing is another world.

I want to share the story that I made is a realistic fiction story here is the link so click HERE.  This is my favorite sentence of the story.

“Paul was hiding like a shell the bullies was kicking Paul like a ball.” I like this sentence because it shows the character trait in one line. And this is the editing.

This story is about a person getting bullied and being a bullier. The reason I put this story instead of the others is that I learned when I write realistic fiction there are limits in the other fiction you can write anything you want.

I learned that when you write a book you can write anything you want if it has a great structure it has a plot with a different idea then other books. And I learned when you write there are always limits to writing.

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Innovations of Innovators

Hello readers,
Have you tried to make things out of tape, popsicle sticks, plastic bag and 2 cups?          Now let me tell you now!

We got two ideas, one is mine the infinite air supply by two straws, and my partner’s idea was a cup reuser. But me and my partner scraped that idea and made the idea                 The Rattle Pattle

and here’s how to make it.

1.We used the two cups first,  so we put the cups next to each other.

2.Then we put the popsicle sticks in the two cups.

3.then we put on top of each other and taped it together.

4. Then we put the cups in the plastic bag.

5. Last but not least we tape the bag so that the cup does not fall and the cup does not get wet.

Wait, I did not tell you what an innovation and innovator is. Well, an innovation is an object like the plane but the old plane is different. So an Innovation is an object that makes the old idea to a better one. And an innovator is a person who makes the innovation.

Me and my partner’s Idea was supposed to be a game and an instrument. It is a game so you should try to not let it stop it rattling. And an instrument because it sounds like the rattle. This is what we made.

I am on the right.

Can you tell me what is the difference between an innovator and an inventor?

Comment down below.


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My Reading Reflection

Hi, Readers Today click here to go to the place where my reflection is.

Hope you enjoy.

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Trimester 1 Math Reflection

Hi Readers Today I am doing my

Trimester 1 Math Reflection

hope you enjoy.

3 things I have learned in math this trimester are:

1.I learned that polygons are a shape that has 3 or more sides and that polygons have to have straight lines and have to all connect to each other lines.


2.Graphs. I learned the graph titles for the y-axis and the x-axis. I also learned that graphs are a difference of others.


  1. I learned Perpendicular lines, and perpendicular lines are lines that make 90º angles

Image result for perpendicular

2 feelings I have about math are:


  1. I love math because I get to learn things that I did not know, and I love math because there is always a challenge in math.

  2.I feel bored if I have no challenges and I have to learn what I already know.


1 piece of work that I think shows something I worked hard at is:

1.Addition and subtraction, because I want to show my family that I can pass an obstacle and that I can show I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

Where I got it from


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How do I respect others?

Hi Readers Today we are doing

How do I respect others?

Hope you enjoy.

I show respect myself

  • By being tidy and clean
  • Being on time
  • Being balanced
  • By respecting others

I respect others

  • By respecting elders and youths
  • being kind and polite to others
  • Treat everyone the same (equal)
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Hi my name is Raza and welcome to my blog

*welcome to my blog*

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