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Exhibition Reflection

the exhibition was really fun but sometimes we would fall down or one of us would be absent like I was absent for a week but my group helped me catch up and I got to the same level. Sometimes I would have to take harder responsibilities and at the end, I think I did fall down a lot but my group was there to help me back up. But I am going, to be honest, my group did have a lot of fights and arguments but we got through them by voting and asking other peoples opinions. Also my topic was electronic  addiction and half the stuff we did was on our devices but we tried to use the least amount of devices as we could. 

if you want to see the letter I gave to next years future exhibition student with some advice and tips for next year!



Also if you want to see my research report with all my researches and facts click Here

WWAPT-final research

for my project, I did a poster I presented to the class about Neil Armstrong I did something like a timeline I said when he was born how he got interested in flying and how he got his job to fly I also made an accordion book about Neil Armstrong to go with it I also presented to the little kids like a mini-exhibition it took about a week to get all of it done the research the poster the accordion book  everything 

this is my poster about Neil Armstrong.

Where We Are in Place And Time-Research Project

For my research project, I decided to investigate neil armstrong


did you know that his dream of flying started at a young age when his father took him to air show?

i will present my reaserch on a poster


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