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Morel Education Reflection

Stereotyping is when it is not true but people think it is. It is good to keep everything clean so you don’t smell or get sick. Human rights is to do any thing you want and you don’t be bossed … Continue reading

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Advert Project

I made a advert project it was hard to do but I did my best. I learned that ads are things to show people. A ad is something like a poster and it shows you a place or something to … Continue reading

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Animal Research Project

 Rosa Hanna Al-Shaikh Animal Research Project 4AT Feb-March 2018   I changed it for all of the grades because they all learn different levels of work. I would not put the kg2 with the grade 7 because the kg2 will … Continue reading

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Science museum

I learned that solar panels if you put them in the sun they can move by there self. I learned if you touch a something electrical and you are with someone don’t let go then if you try to touch … Continue reading

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Ancient Egypt

I learned if they did not invent  things we would not have  thing that we have today. I learned they made tooth paste, calendars, and many other things. I liked there board games there was one where you had to … Continue reading

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Roller Coaster { Energy

We used five pieces of masking tape, two tubes and four marbles stick the tape and then get a cup for the alligator. It worked on the second round and we made it shorter and the third time it worked … Continue reading

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Human Heart

I learned that the more you exercise the more you heartbeat pumps. If your healthy your blood will pump faster. Your heart is about the size of fist.

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Monthly vocabulary Words

There were illegal fish went to the under water performance. Then they made a replacement with the turtle, when the instructor were rearranging everyone, then fish were dishonest and the instructor misunderstand the fish and then everyone thought they were … Continue reading

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Intro to decimals

I see decimals in time, prise and many other things. Four examples of decimals are money,  recipe, math, and time. I need to know decimals because if there is a race and the referee does not know decimals I can … Continue reading

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Feedback-4th grade {CAS

Rosa Stereotypes-Audience-Perceptions I liked how we worked together and learned from each other. I learn that every one has a stereotype Its on ads because the people give things like pepsi the people that like pepsi see there ads then … Continue reading

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