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Morel Ed lesson 5 [ stereotyping and discriminate] Dec 10 2017

In morel ed lesson five I learned about stereotyping and discriminate stereotyping is when something many people think something is true but is not true or only partially true. I think they we are learning about that so we don’t … Continue reading

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Plot: First there was a boy, he found newspaper and made a paper boat. He went outside and it was raining. He found water going down the street and then he put his paper boat down the water on the … Continue reading

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Looking At Maps : UAE

I know that countries are on a map and maps shows where countries are.

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The Rising Tiger

I like it because the weather was like Robs feelings like when he was sad it was raining and there are lots of detail.

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My Ad The Amazing Dubai Dec 5 2017

The Amazing Dubai: I like my Ad because I added some things like buildingsĀ  and sunshine and most people like the sun because now most places are raining and snowing.

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Portfolio reflection unit 1

I did a geometry and shapes in unit one.

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Morel Ed [ lesson 4 Tolerance] Dec 4 2017

Why is it good to understand Tolerance: we need to have tolerance because our world would be unfair. We needĀ  tolerance because many people would be sad and feel left out in this world.

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